Miss Universe Radiates in Jovani

The reigning Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler wore Jovani style 20842 at the Yamamay grand store opening in Cancun, Mexico last week. Yamamay is an official Miss Universe sponsor, providing the contestants with their competition swimsuits last year. The beauty queen was dressed to impress in a long sleeve cocktail dress featuring sexy sheer panels as she opened the doors to the new store.




Jovani Wedding: Featured Bride

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions of your life. We caught up with Sayeh, the daughter of International Persian singer Ebi, who recently tied the knot with her high school sweetheart, Pooya.

The couple had an elaborate outdoor wedding in Malibu, California. From the bride to the guests, all were wearing dazzling Jovani gowns. We sat down with this lucky bride as she gave us a glimpse into her special day.


KG: Before a bride can even walk down the aisle, the groom must take the lead and propose. How did your husband-to-be pop the big question?

SH: It was straight out of the Bachelorette! One Thursday night around sunset, asked to take me to a romantic dinner. We were driving and all of a sudden he exits the freeway and we are in this weird place. I asked “where are we going?” Moments later we end up at a private helicopter that would give us a tour of Los Angeles.

In the middle of the tour, the pilot says we are now over the Pacific Ocean, there is this beautiful place here that we can land for you to take some photos. I said sure, I kind of had a feeling something was up, but I really wanted to be in the moment and not assume anything.

The helicopter lands and the scenery was breathtaking, we had the ocean in front of us and the mountains behind us. He could not have picked a better night, there was a full moon on one side and the sun was setting on the other side, (I don’t think he had anything to do with that) it was very magical. All of a sudden we get out and I hear Pooya call my name, I turn around and he is on his knees with a big basket of flowers in the shape of a heart with the ring in the middle. The rest is history!

Sayeh wedding 5

KG: How did you choose the theme for your wedding?

SH: I am very romantic; I like pink and bling. We didn’t really go with a theme but rather with colors that we liked. Being that the venue itself was so beautiful and it was overlooking the ocean, we had lots of blues and greens, so we wanted something to pop and stand out amongst all of the blue so pink was a perfect match.

KG: It sounds like you added feminine touches to your wedding; did your husband have a lot of input?

SH: It was very feminine! He really allowed me to do what I wanted. We tried to add some masculine touches with mixed metallics like gold and silver to man it up a little but it was definitely more feminine.

Sayeh wedding

KG: Were there any cultural traditions that you upheld for your wedding?

SH: Absolutely, we are both Persian so we had a Persian ceremony, a Aghd. We did mix it up a little. Although we were both born in Iran and speak Farsi, we moved to the U.S. when we were very young and are more comfortable speaking English. We had a traditional Persian ceremony but we had our officiant speak in both English and Farsi. Even though our families are Muslim we did not want to have a religious ceremony, we wanted a more cultural Persian ceremony. Instead of reciting religious verses we chose Persian poetry.

Sayeh wedding 3

KG: Brides have a bad reputation for being bridezillas. Did you find yourself engaging in some of those crazy antics?

SH: Yes! I thought I was a total bridezilla. Everyone tells me I was a very cool bride but I definitely lost it a few times. It is a lot of pressure! I did not have a wedding planner. I figured I have been to a lot of weddings, how difficult can it be? You get some flowers, you get some food, you get some drinks and ta-da it’s a wedding. I did not realize how many details are involved in planning a wedding. By the time I did there was no turning back.

KG: Congratulations on planning your own wedding! Not many brides can say that.

SH: Thank you! I had a lot of help. My photographer was wonderful, the pictures turned out great. The people that did my décor were wonderful as well! Of course, Jovani was amazing. I went back and forth to Jovani a few times and everybody from  Julie to Irene, were absolutely incredible. I feel very lucky I had wonderful people supporting me and helping me out.

Sayeh wedding 4

KG: Since you mentioned Jovani, what was your inspiration for the design of your wedding dress?

SH: I wanted something different but very beautiful. I wanted to feel like a princess without going all out with a ball gown. I looked at a lot of different dresses in the Jovani showroom and pictures online. This is the first time I have had to pick a dress that was so significant in my life. I spoke to Julie a lot about what I was envisioning in my mind. It was a lot of discussions about how to make it elegant but over the top at the same time. I knew I wanted a mermaid silhouette because that matches my body type but as far as the rest of the dress, I was really at a lost with what to do. We mixed and matched a lot of different dresses to create my dress.

KG: Was your bridal gown everything you expected it to be?

SH: And more! When I received the dress it took my breath away. It was so beautiful the beading was so exquisite and the veil was to die for. Even the ruffles on the bottom, I was never really concerned but I thought to myself is it too much especially with the beading. The Jovani team did such an amazing job in creating my dream gown. I felt like a princess when I put it on. It really is a special dress. I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said this is the most beautiful amazing dress we have ever seen. I will not hold back, it is one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen and I am very proud to say it was my wedding gown.


KG: How did you hear about the Jovani brand?

SH: I always knew about Jovani. Jovani is a very big name in dresses but one of my dearest and closest friends is Nadia Ali, she has had a very long relationship with Jovani. She got married last October and I was a bridesmaid at her wedding and her dress was absolutely stunning. She told me Jovani had made her dress and I was blown away with how stunning it was. When I started planning my wedding Nadia was the one who set me up with an appointment at the Jovani showroom. I was very happy that Nadia made that call. I met the designer and all of the dresses blew me away. To be honest, I went to one other place before I went to Jovani and after my first meeting I knew I had to look no further. I felt so comforted and I knew everyone would take such great care of me. Other than shopping and being a girl, I don’t really know much about design or fashion. Julie really took her time looking through different swatches and ideas. She has an excellent eye!

Sayeh wedding 2

KG: What was most memorable about your day?

SH: Probably when my now husband saw me in my dress and completely ready. He literally gasped and had tears in his eyes. I didn’t expect that. I insisted he stop his tearing, I did not want to ruin my own makeup. There were truly so many amazing moments. My walk down the aisle was memorable as well. It was wonderful to see so many people come together for us; I could feel the love in that room. It was such an overwhelming feeling. It was all a dream come true from beginning to end.

Here Comes the Guide

You have said “I do”…so now what??? Believe it or not planning a wedding is not exactly as time consuming and hectic as many reality shows and romantic comedies make it appear to be. It is just as easy to plan a wedding of three hundred guests as it is for thirty. You simply need one key ingredient in the recipe that is your dream wedding to make everything as smooth as silk. And that one ingredient is organization.

Once you have a well laid out guide and/or timeline, your next step will be crystal clear.

Here are five steps to take immediately after you agree to let your Mr. make you a Mrs.

1- Book your venue – Unless you plan on getting married in your parents backyard or in a field, you will need to book a space to hold your nuptials. This is the time that you and your fiancé should sit down and decide on what tone you want to take and the proper venue that will make your vision come to life. Since some places will book up rather quickly due to popular wedding months, your venue is the immediate next step to take after that sparkle is put on your finger!

2- Create a Wedding email– In this age of technology, the days of three ring wedding binders with color coded dividers are over. Once you become engaged you need to realize that your info will be on the world wide web for all vendors to see. Whether its silly, cute or sentimental create an email address in which all your wedding details will be kept neat and tidy and not get mixed in with your amazon deals.

3- Say Yes to a Dress– You know the saying “The clothes make the man”? Well the wedding dress can speak volumes about the tone of the wedding day as well as the bride’s sense of style. Reality shows such as “Say Yes To The Dress” can paint a very stressful picture of the wedding gown shopping experience. At the end of the day, one thing is the most important factor in choosing the gown, and that is that the bride looks and feels beautiful. Bring no more that 3 people with you to a bridal consultation. Some brides actually choose to do the first round of try-ons alone, and then bring a family friend or someone close to them for the decision day. Keep in mind that while it is fine to ask opinions and trust their views on ruffles versus bling, but at the end of the day you will be wearing the gown and you do not want to regret that you chose something based on another person’s personal taste.


4- Play that funky music– Picking your music will not only set the mood for your reception but also be the deciding factor between mediocre and marvelous for your wedding guests. Whether having a string quartet or a massive choir, music is vital to bring life to your reception. Look at how many people you need to entertain and any special feature you would like to throw in. You might opt for a playlist to be plaid over an iPhone speaker, opera soloist, or even a saxophonist. Whatever you choose to entertain your guests with, be sure it appeals to not just the two of you as a couple but will also lift the mood and ensure for an unforgettable experience.

5- Oh Shoot!– You know that a picture says a thousand words, you want your wedding album to speak volumes. Posed portraits are becoming a thing of the past and being replaced with candid moments and unexpected happenings. From disposable cameras to professional portraits the style of photography you choose is up to the couple. Make sure the flair and personality of the photographer fits the personality and vision of you and your future hubby. This will ensure you will have a match made in heaven.

Of course there are other steps to take and check off your bridal “to-do” list but the above list are definitely some of the most talked about and stressed over. Wishing you and your fiancé the best of luck as you draw out the blueprint for the special day when two becomes one.


Consulted with Debra Klarmann a “Senior Bridal Stylist” at Wedding Atelier on NYC.

Beloved in our Hearts

aladdin-jovani-williamsJovani loves Hollywood legends and expresses nothing but gratitude for their exceptional work on and off the big screen. America is in mourning with the passing of comedian and actor, Robin Williams. Williams captured our hearts on Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Night at the Museum, and who can forget him as the voice of the genie in our favorite Disney film, Aladdin.

When asked to describe Williams, his friends state he was always fun-loving and witty, he could light up a room with a single joke but when he was not surrounded by a group of people Williams was shy and reserved like many comedians are. Williams encountered many personal struggles later in his career that led to his untimely downfall.

Robin-Williams-JovaniWilliams had a heart of gold; he made giving back to the community a priority by teaming up with fellow stars to start Comic Relief USA. This television benefit hosted annually on HBO has raised over $80 million since its inception for the homeless. Williams raised funds for several charities and natural disasters to aid those who could not aid themselves.

Leaving behind three wonderful children, Williams will be missed but his work and positive attitude will live on in all of our hearts forever. The fashion industry has been touched by this outstanding celebrity who dedicated himself to his career and his fans.

Quest for the Crown

I began as an intern for Jovani in the public relations department my senior year in college. As a Communication and Media Studies major who had a passion for fashion, I was excited to get to work with one of the leading evening wear designers in the country. I was thankful to have such an attentive team who showed me the ropes and supported my pageantry pursuits. Last month, I competed at the International Junior Miss pageant in Virginia Beach as Miss New York.


I spent months preparing for that unforgettable week, from volunteering with various organizations to putting together a top notch wardrobe. I was so excited to wear a Jovani evening dress during competition because it was a representation of my many accomplishments off of the stage. The head designer, Julie DuRocher listened to my ideas and suggestions and designed the pageant dress of my dreams that made me feel like a true beauty queen.

New York-Katie Guevarra-Jovani-pageant-dress

This gorgeous floor length red dress features a sweetheart neckline and lace overlay. It was simply adorned with hand stitched crystal beaded embellishments and a stylish peplum skirt. Since I am on the petite side we designed the peplum to be a bit higher than it ordinarily would be to elongate the legs and added a thin satin belt to cinch in the waistline. I accessorized my elegant gown with chandelier earrings and a crystal bracelet with my hair parted to the side and teased at the crown.

Each contestant is required to have a one-on-one interview with each of the judges. During this portion I was able to express my love for a brand that cares about their customers and staff; a brand that provides opportunities for people from all different walks of life; and above all, a brand that truly cares about others’ happiness. The judges were impressed by the amount of dedication that I devoted to my internship and were eager to hear more.

During the final telecast I did not walk away with the crown but I was blessed to make it as a top fifteen semi-finalist and received the coveted “Best Styling” award. My many triumphs throughout that week and confidence that radiated on stage was partly attributed to the Jovani team, for that I am eternally thankful. Not many contestants can say they have a true connection with the wardrobe they have chosen to showcase on stage but I have a strong bond with that little tag on the back of my gown that reads “Jovani.”




All Good Things Must Come to an End

The bright lights above the long runway at the World of Prom coterie shined upon its last show with the conclusion of this outstanding coterie yesterday evening. The week filled with glamour and excitement brought all of the latest styles and trends center stage. Retailers and fashion magazines went head over heels for Jovani’s newest prom, homecoming, and Maslavi collections. These collections feature some of our best pieces yet and will be sure to wow customers nationwide when they hit stores near you.


Jovani’s designer dresses are known for their exquisite designs and superior fabrics but above all for their ability to always be on the cutting edge of fashion. One fantastic trend that we love for prom 2015 is an elaborate back. It is one thing to have a jaw-dropping  formal gown from the front but when you turn around the statement you are making should be just as powerful. This sneak peek is courtesy of one of the fashion shows that took place last week. This fiery cap sleeve red dress features a transparent illusion back adorned with intricate crystal beaded embellishments.


It is not all glitz and glitter when Jovani puts on the event of the year. Behind the scenes, the staff is hard at work processing orders and interacting with buyers. All of the dresses showcased during the show are stored in a room backstage so retailers who are interested in specific styles can get a closer look at the detailing and fabric choices.


Jovani always goes above and beyond for their loyal customers. Who doesn’t love a good freebie? These Jovani iPhone cases were a hit among everyone who received one. Jovani’s gifts are not only practical but fashionably chic as well. We have loved reporting the latest news from coterie week to you, stay tuned for all of the thrilling adventures Jovani will take part in from new collections to celebrity styling, we do it all!

Love is a Wonderful Thing

It’s your daughter’s wedding day and her time to take center stage. From the gown, to the ring, to her groom, and amazing reception, everything is perfectly set to ensure a beautiful day that she will remember for a lifetime. As the mother of the bride , this day is not just significant to the special couple, but also signifies another milestone in your life. With that said, it’s only right that you dress the part in one of Jovani’s many mother-of-the-bride designs. We’ve created a quick and easy list to help you choose the perfect look that not only will compliment the bride and groom, but will make sure you feel glamorous on this big day.


1. It’s All In The Family When choosing your designer dress, make sure that you are on the same page as the bride-to-be. Afterall, it is her wedding. Just as you are a big part in her decision for a wedding dress, she should be just as big of a factor in choosing your picture perfect gown. Once you understand the bride’s vision for her wedding day, you can incorporate your own style to make the look work for you. Her opinion matters, but your comfort and personal style reigns supreme. 2. Choose The Right Silhouette Choosing the right silhouette is not just important to make sure that you are wearing something that fits your body, but it’s also important in making sure you are neither over-dressed nor under for this special event. For black-tie and evening weddings, go for classic silhouettes like mermaid and A-line. For a daytime wedding, try a flowy fit of jersey or chiffon. And remember, think about your arms. Choosing between strapless and a sleeve, no matter the length, can determine how comfortable you are throughout the night, so make sure to choose what works for you.

Jovani MOB styles that feature sleeves, give women added coverage while still being sexy.

Jovani MOB styles that feature sleeves, give women added coverage while still being sexy.

3. Color Code It

If your bridal party colors include green, but your just not that into the color, Jovani style 73131 gives an iridescent feel. This neutral chiffon gown does not overpower with color but gives a glamorous touch.

If your bridal party colors include green, but your just not that into the color, Jovani style 73131 gives an iridescent feel. This neutral chiffon gown does not overpower with color but gives a glamorous touch.

When looking for your special dress, you should always think about the color pallette for the wedding. You don’t want to be the sore thumb in fuchsia when the rest of the wedding party is in shades of blue. When you and your family look back on these photos, it’s better to have a cohesive color scheme than not. As a member of the bridal party, you don’t want your look to overpower the bride and groom, so try and stick to the more muted side of that will help enhance the group. If the wedding party colors just don’t work for you, try a different shade or a complimentary neutral that will still keep you in the family, while not being too out of the box. FYI: Our top colors for MOB include Navy, Nude/Gold, and Emerald.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Be You Once the bride’s dress has been ordered and a color scheme has been decided upon, it’s your time to get out there and shop! Look for what you love and what flatters your body shape, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Once you have your color and style choices down, try on some amazing styles.

Overall, remember this is not only a night that the bride and groom will look back on, but is a special occasion for you too. Wear something beautiful and get ready to dance the night away!

Little Moments=Big Memories

One of your best friends is getting married and you have been asked to be a bridesmaid! Now there are two things going through your head when you graciously say yes: 1.) I’m so excited for my friend and that she wants me to be a part of her special day, and 2.) I hope she doesn’t make me look like an Umpa Lumpa.

Kind of a bittersweet moment, right? But, have no fear! Jovani has the perfect designer dresses to make sure you and your fellow bridesmaids look amazing on your friend’s special day. Check out these great and fun tips that will make shopping for your  bridesmaid dress that much more chic and stylish!

600516_10103335550262410_249657579_n (2) JOVANI GIRLS

Going with a nude and cream theme, these Jovani bridesmaids opted for open-back designs that kept their look cohesive.

Unless your bridesmaids are identical quintuplets, not everyone will look flattering in the same evening dress. When choosing their dresses, you want them to enhance your look, not be a distraction. So a great tip would be to take into consideration their body types and colors that work well with everyone.

 Ruching is figure flattering and cinches the waste at just the right place.

Ruching is figure flattering and cinches the waste at just the right place.

Ruching is a universal pattern that creates a super-slimming silhouette for both short and long styles. Even if you don’t want to want to get a fully ruched dress, stick to a ruched bodice with a defined waistline. This will allow for a tea-length full skirts, which are a major trend this season.


For the bridesmaid who is more conscious of their upper arms, a sleeve can provide the needed modesty. But if not everyone wants to wear a sleeve, one-shoulder styles are a great compromise for bridesmaids. It allows for support for women with larger busts and gives everyone a mix of both strapless and not.


Make sure to stick to a silhouette that is not only figure flattering but allows your bridesmaids to bust a move on the dance floor at your reception. A-line styles are the most popular for not just wedding dresses but even for bridesmaid styles. It’s the most figure flattering of all dress styles.

No matter what bridesmaids styles are chosen for this special day, keep comfort and quality in mind. Choosing a Jovani dress will not only ensure an amazing dress that can be used for multiple special occassions, but gives you that glamorous style you have been longing for.

78219 (1)

Jovani style 78219 combines a figure flattering ruched bodice and flowy chiffon skirt, 2 great shapes for bridesmaids dresses. For arm-conscious maids, try a matching shawl!

Fresh of the Press: Atlanta Mart

Today kicks off the first day of a week-long filled with festivities at the World of Prom Atlanta Mart presented by Atlanta Apparel. Jovani will be showcasing hundreds of dresses that have earned coveted spots in the 2015 prom and homecoming collections to potential buyers and fashion magazines traveling from around the country to meet in one place to be wowed with outstanding fashion shows and social events in private showrooms.


The designer dresses featured are cutting edge and on trend with some of this season’s hottest styles. These new dresses range in style from fitted floor length jersey dresses created with only the best lightweight knit fabric providing comfort and support with its figure flattering stretch bodice to two-piece lace ensembles featuring breathtaking open hole designs with exposed bare midriffs. These prom dresses are not only well crafted but glamorous enough for any of life’s special occasions.

Jovani takes it one step further by showcasing its ready-to-wear modern dress collection Maslavi. Maslavi exudes the elegance and appeal that is expected from Jovani but with sixty pieces that are versatile enough for daytime business events to classy evening affairs.


Jovani is beloved by countless celebrities like Orfeh Alimorad, Danielle Bradbery, and Miranda Lambert who have worn our beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet in the last few months. Atlanta Mart allows designers to bring these dresses to retailers near you, making your dream of looking like a Hollywood celebrity a reality. From a variety of collections, styles, and colors to choose from, the only difficulty you will encounter is choosing just one.

We are thrilled to bring you the latest news from our exhibit in this elite coterie. Stay tuned for a recap of our fabulous week as the excitement continues to unfold!

Magical Moments: Jovani Homecoming 2014

Homecoming is right around the corner, which means it is time to start looking for that magical dress. First, you should start browsing through the different silhouettes, necklines, colors and patterns to see which Jovani style best suits you. Next, go to our store locater page to find a Jovani retailer in your area…and voilá! Stun your friends and family with a magnificent Jovani gown!

Our new homecoming line includes the latest collection of stylish and elegant dresses, each uniquely tailored to flatter all body shapes and sizes! Not to mention, our meticulously crafted embellishments and trend details separate our dresses from all other designers. With trendy looks from vibrant floral prints to soft pastel lace designs, chunky stones and exposed zipper detail, as well as fringed and fitted styles—this line is our best homecoming collection yet!

As a long-time evening dress designer, Jovani truly knows what women want. With a sophisticated team of designers that not only create the most fashion-forward looks but also predicts upcoming trends far in advance a purchase of any one of our dresses is a wonderful investment and a great addition to your closet. With a versatile look and stylish appeal, you can re-wear the gorgeous ensemble to any formal affair. Our flirty cocktail dresses can be worn to a simple girl’s night-out-on-the-town or to special dinner event. So don’t limit yourself to that old little black dress…jazz it up with a banded or beaded look that asserts true fashionista!


Have the most memorable homecoming in a flowy chiffon gown or a fitted jersey short dress. Whatever the fabric or style you crave, Jovani has just the dress! With low cut necklines and sexy sky high hemlines, you can ensure all eyes will be on you! Let’s not forget your date’s jaw-dropping reaction to his first glimpse of you.

We guarantee that you’ll look and feel like the belle of the ball when you arrive in a stylish Jovani dress! You will look more beautiful than you ever imagined and all of your wildest fantasies will become a reality.