Tribute to a Fashion Icon: Joan Rivers

The fashion industry lost a legend yesterday afternoon when comedian Joan Rivers passed away in New York City at eighty-one. Rivers was checked into Mount Sinai Hospital last Thursday from an outpatient surgery clinic after going into cardiac arrest. The reason for her death has yet to be announced by medical professionals.


Early in her career, Rivers paved the way for female stand-up comics. Traditionally, comedy was a profession exclusively dedicated to males but Rivers broke the mold with her quick-wit and raspy voice becoming an inspiration for modern-day comedians. Throughout the years’ Rivers evolved from a vivacious, self-deprecating performer to a crude celebrity assassin. Rivers took no prisoners, poking fun at everyone and anyone including herself.

In recent years, Joan was most famous for her celebrity fashion show, Fashion Police on E! where she criticized stars’ latest fashion choices alongside other Hollywood elites. A station executive released this statement:

“For decades Joan has made people laugh, shattered glass ceilings and revolutionized comedy. She was unapologetic and fiercely dedicated to entertaining all of us and has left an indelible mark on the people that worked with her and on her legions of fans. She’s been a much beloved member of the E! family for over 20 years and the world is less funny without her in it. Today our hearts are heavy knowing Joan will not be bounding through the doors.”


Timeless Perfection

Every woman needs to have the perfect little black dress hanging in her closet as her favorite go-to item. A little black dress serves as the ideal party attire to make a statement. A woman in a little black dress is modern and chic but interestingly enough, this look dates back to the 1920’s. We can thank Coco Chanel for this timeless trend. Black was traditionally worn during times of mourning until the queen of fashion changed all of that by designing a simple black dress. Suddenly, little black dresses that exuded femininity and sexiness were the height of fashion. Jovani makes a variety of gorgeous short dresses that effortlessly fit the bill. When choosing a little black dress make sure to remember you will be wearing it often; take into consideration various qualities such as length and fit. Your little black dress can be knee-length for a more conservative look or you can be a little daring and show some leg with a mini length. Fits range from empire waist with chiffon skirts to form fitting with ruched skirts, the key in finding the perfect fit lies with choosing a style that you are comfortable in. Whether you choose a silhouette that is sleek or frilly, make the look uniquely yours by incorporating various accessories that will kick the look up a notch. Creative tights, futuristic bangles, ankle-strap heels, brooch embellishments, tailored jackets, these all make amazing accessories that will continuously transform your dress event after event. m307 jovani maslavi Win best dressed in this form fitting long sleeve Maslavi dress featuring a leather banded waist with gold grommets and plunging v-back. M177 maslavi jovani Dangerously sweet in this leather and lace sleeveless contemporary dress featuring a deep v-neckline and bow waist belt. m194 jovani maslavi Dress to impress in this jersey short sleeve contemporary dress featuring gold beaded embellished shoulders and sexy sheer panel details. m184 jovani maslaviStay on top of the latest trends with this sleeveless fitted cocktail dress featuring a leather bodice and peplum skirt with belt. M186 Maslavi Jovani Romantic elegance in this laser cut jersey cap sleeve fit and flare short on trend dress featuring a crochet bodice and plunging back. There is no better way to work a room on a special occasion than by wearing a trendy little black dress. By changing up your accessories and hairstyles you can get away with wearing your dress for several weekends in a row and continuously receive the fantastic compliments that we all love to hear. Rock your inner diva and fulfill Coco Chanel’s famous words “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Closet-full of Fabulous

Have you ever dreamt of what it would be like to walk into a celebrity’s fashion closet? The finds must be unbelievable, an ensemble for every special occasion imaginable in a snap. Jovani has launched a brand new collection created for the chic and the fabulous. The Maslavi line features some of the most cutting edge trends to fill your personal closet. From leather inspired cocktail dresses to .

Versatility is key in this modern dress collection. Dresses that can easily be transformed from day to evening looks are far and few in between but the Maslavi Collection filled the missing link with sixty new and innovative pieces that are as flexible as the women in them. These fantastic dresses can be worn from a morning coffee date to an evening movie premiere effortlessly. With so many gorgeous pieces to choose from in colors that range from soft pastels to the always sexy black your closet will rank among those of the best dressed celebrities. Pretty soon your closet will not be much unlike the Kardashian sisters.

Jovani M350

Be a breath of fresh air in this off the shoulder short dress with a full printed parisian skirt. The form fitting bodice keeps this fun look age appropriate when paired with the light pink satin skirt. Parisian style is known for its classic elegance, you will undoubtedly radiate sophistication and charm in this beautiful dress.

Jovani M322

Rock this retro inspired mod shift chiffon cocktail dress any time of day with your favorite pair of dark pumps! Geometric patterns have been spotted all over the runway this season and this sleeveless multicolor dress does the trend right with the black and white contrast panels. Show off your toned legs with the sky high midi length, great for summer.

Jovani m314

Jumpstart your new and improved wardrobe with this sun-loving black sleeveless jumpsuit featuring silver stud embellishments and a sexy v-neckline. The slouchy bodice makes this the perfect go-to piece for the summer with its built in comfort while remaining chic!

Jovani M358

Take a cue from the boys this season with this menswear inspired breathtaking tuxedo white dress. The halter neckline with open back adds a dazzling feminine twist to the structured collar and metal button embellishments. The flirty flare skirt features on trend pockets making this look not only chic but practical!

Finding pieces that you can get the most bang for your buck has become quite the challenge with emerging collections featuring only one type of style; however, Jovani strives to create pieces for every type of occasion because we realize that women have many needs and require a lofty wardrobe. The Maslavi Collection is filled with jaw-dropping ready to wear dresses that will serve many purposes in your busy lifestyle.

The Intern Diaries: How to Dress For a Fashion Internship

Deciding what to wear in the morning is hard enough, but add in the factor of having to get dressed for an office that lives and breathes designer dresses… well, it feels like everything in your closet just isn’t right!

Having had my own fair share of days as an intern I have a few guidelines that will help to answer the age-old question of:



Okay, breathe.


First and foremost you want to be taken seriously and spoken to professionally wherever you work. While in the fashion field, we are fortunate to have creative boundaries regarding how we are permitted to dress, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have SOME boundaries. I’d rather not spew about why you shouldn’t dress for work as if you were going to a night club because i’m SURE if you snagged the internship, you know better than to show up looking as if you’re ready to bust a move, however I do understand and respect how difficult it can feel to find an outfit that is flattering AND professional.


Let’s talk about a few must haves:


1.) COMFORTABLE SHOES. It’s no surprise that it’s number one on this list. From one heel lovin’ girl to another, this is not always an easy compromise. I’ve learned ( the hard way) that you never know what kind of task they may throw at you as an intern, so coming prepared with a pair of shoes you know you could really work in is key.


2.) THE BLACK PENCIL SKIRT. It will save your life. This is your “I simply can’t deal with putting an ensemble together today” go-to staple. Paired with a colorful blouse and a pair of funky gladiators or chunky heels, and you will instantly look sharp! It’s simple yet modern, making it the perfect wardrobe necessity.


3.) A WATCH. Its doesn’t have to be uber fancy. Actually, the simpler the better. It’s a great everyday accessory that pulls any look together, while also helping you keep track of the time!


4.) THANK YOU NOTES. A little message can go a long way. especially when it is hand written. Keeping a stack of these handy will keep you ahead of the game.


And finally,


5.) A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Sometimes being an intern isn’t easy. All the tasks you’re given are new and often daunting, but it’s important to approach all of them with an eager desire to do your best, mess up, apologize profusely, and then do better! Just remember, a smile will add 10-times more glamour to your outfit than a frown.


Here are a few look I complied for all the interns out there to try out!

 How to Dress for A Fashion Internship How to Dress for A Jovani Internship What to wear at a designer dress company

Strike a Pose

Life is like one long runway and we are all fighting for a spot at the top of the fashion list. Every special occassion you attend provides another opportunity to show off your fabulous sense of style and prove who the true supermodel is. From a variety of silhouettes, styles, and colors to choose from picking the perfect party dress can seem like an undefeatable challenge but Jovani’s expansive collection of short dresses will have you walking taller with your head held high in no time because these dresses were meant to be shown off.

Jovani 93811

Green is the color of success. This long sleeve form fitting cocktail dress features intricate crystal and sequin embellishments along the bodice with black sheer mesh panels along the waist and back making you appear like the Hollywood starlet you were created to be.

Jovani 21475

Everyone loves a lady in red. The color of sweet romance entrances you with this gorgeous empire waist chiffon fancy dress that features a crystal beaded embellished bodice with a sheer neckline paired with a flowing skirt.  The key hole back adds a touch of sexiness to this feminine look.

Jovani 88031Pretty in pink! Teen romance films are outdated but this lace blush elegant dress is definitely in style. This sleeveless short dress features a sweetheart bustline with extended sheer neckline paired magnificently with a fit and flare skirt accessorized with a satin bow belt ideal for a guest attending a sweet 16 or office dinner party.

Jovani 98044Jaws will drop when you show up in this sexy sleeveless form fitting nude dress with silver beaded adornments and plunging neckline. The sheer panels and back take this dress up a notch skyrocketing to the top of the best dressed list.

Jovani 98573

Flower power is no longer just for the hippies. This sleeveless fit and flare black dress features a v-neckline and vibrant floral print embellishments. The sheer mesh back completes the look with a matching skirt tulle overlay. This fun and flirty short cocktail is perfect for a glamorous guest attending a day wedding or bat mitzvah.

You will not mind the extra attention when wearing one of these fantastic dresses. Slip on your favorite pair of stilettos and prepare to have all eyes on you as you make your grand entrance and wow everyone!


Let me begin by saying it really is as good as it seems… IF you are an optimist.


JOVANI is one of the most exciting places to work. Each day, every department has new projects that must be completed. And for an eager eighteen-year-old, these projects are like shiny new toys begging to be tinkered with. My day is often hectic, and filled with multi-tasking minutes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My schedule normally goes a little something like this:

courtesy of

courtesy of

7:30 am: I wake up early to fit in some kind of exercise before I start my day. Most mornings I run, but there is the occasional yoga or pilates class. Doing something active in the mornings helps me to feel a sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day. Sounds silly, but when you live in a city like New York, feeling like you accomplished something (like running a few miles) before your first cup of coffee puts you ahead of the game.

9:00 am: I am back to my apartment and showered. I’ll usually have a cup of coffee and put on some music while I put together an ensemble for the day. Normally, it consists of a summer dress, colorful, chunky jewelry and a low(ish) heels. Normally, I’m all about the height, but running around the city is 100x more comfortable in a three-inch wedge– A tip for all the interns out there: stylish heels that are comfortable DO exist. You just have to hunt for them!

9:30am: I’m out the door to catch the Subway. My commute is about 15 minutes (I have to be at JOVANI by 10am) but I always try to get there a little early. It’s the little things, like arriving early, that can make or break an intern.


9:50am: I walk into the office (smiling) and greet everyone with a good morning, (by this point the coffee has kicked in). I settle into my desk, check my e-mails and begin listening to the head designer, Julie DuRocher.

10:30am: By now I have shuffled a few gowns around, gave my opinion about some new samples and am ready to settle into our first fabric meeting of the day. Merchants come to display their fabrics and we chose the ones  that can be crafted into gowns that will best represent our brand and the current trends. (More about that in the fabrics blog report here.)

11:45am: The head designer heads off to a meeting with the sales department and some customers. While she is gone my task is to do trend research online. I search for anything “special” that will help to inspire her designs. The images I find are often from other fashion blogs and recaps of red carpet events, and it’s amazing how an embellishment or a shoe can suddenly turn into a designer dress!

1:00pm: Lunchtime! Yes… people in the fashion industry do eat. Can we move on now?

1:30pm: The head designer takes her assistant Taryn and I out and about the city to people watch for inspiration and take pictures along our way to help us remember the new motivations we have found.

4:30pm: We arrive back at the office and Julie begins sketching again. I often help her to visualize a dress by draping fabrics over a mannequin and maneuvering them in every which way for her to get a sense of what can be done with the particular material we are using.

Head designer, Julie DuRocher sketches with her gorgeous pup Coco

Head designer, Julie DuRocher sketches with her gorgeous pup Coco

5:00pm: The day for this tired intern is done! I often end up staying a bit later because I simply never want to leave the inspiring people I work with. However, when they finally do kick me out (kidding) I go home and write about all the adventures the day has brought me.


An internship is an opportunity to better discover yourself and your passions while being coached along by a team who believes in your potential. JOVANI has taught me a great deal about the industry and about myself, but today, all you get to read is a glimpse into what it’s like to clack down the halls of JOVANI and work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry.


So unit next time—here is to the girls (and boys) who are ever so curious to know what it’s like to work at a place with unlimited sequins and opportunity.


Stay BeYOUtiful!

Sydney, the intern ❤

Making Prom My Own: Intern Stories

For me, the idea of attending the prom was initially a dreaded feat. It was an event that according to my somewhat traditional parents and date, I had to dream of attending. I won’t go all “rebel without a cause,” here because I’m far from one; I’m the epitome of a girly-girl, but the idea of having to be paraded around like some kind of poodle, so that everyone could have an unnecessary (but apparently very necessary) new album on Facebook, seemed like a mere waste of time.


My dreaded feelings resurfaced each day, and the more I anticipated having to find a dress, and put on shoes that pinched my feet, the more I just wanted to lie down and take a big ‘ol nap. It wasn’t until I returned to JOVANI‘s stunning showroom, where I interned the summer before, that I realized that I could make this prom night into something that was more me, and less of what society wanted the night to be about.


I got to wear a gorgeous Jovani fitted gown! My date's pretty cute too lol

I got to wear a gorgeous Jovani fitted gown! My date’s pretty cute too lol

The periwinkle and nude dress was just the beginning to a night that would mean more than just kissy-faced pictures and awkward “up-downs” from parents I didn’t know. The day of the prom I slipped into the dress and immediately knew that I had more of a purpose than to just look and feel beautiful.  For me, that night was about representing JOVANI, the company who believed in me, when I at sixteen I strutted into their sparkling showroom and explained to the head designer why she should hire me, even though I had absolutely no experience.


Each time someone complimented my one-of-a-kind designer dress, I proudly smiled and explained that it was picked for me, by the incredible team I have the privilege of working with. Whether it be because the prom attendees and observers were impressed, or relieved not to hear another mundane, “thank you so much,” they were delighted by my unique response.


IMG_1081I finally felt like I had made the night into something that would be memorable to me. I didn’t just have a beautiful dress, but a compelling story. To me, being able to tell that story was worth wearing the corsage, taking the poorly posed pictures, and accepting all the traditions that go along with prom. My lace halter dress made me feel absolutely beautiful, but my experiences and stories I could tell from working with such talented individuals meant so much more than the fabric ever could.





So to all the girls (or guys) out there that feel like prom just isn’t their “thing,” here’s my advice– find a way to own the night. Whether it be with killer confidence,  crazy dance moves, or a story you wish to tell on repeat, use the night to make yourself feel like your most authentic. I encourage you to redefine the standards of spray tans and badly curled hair with ambitions and promises that this night is not about just how everyone looks. It’s a showcase for the high school students of the world to prove what they can and will accomplish, while just happening to be dressed in their very best.

March to the “B.E.A.T.” of your Own Drum

Disney stars that grow up in the spotlight usually become multi-millionaire moguls before they turn twenty-five years old. This celeb captured our hearts as “Alex” on the Wizards of Waverly Place but she has far from left the Hollywood scene. Selena Gomez has become a big screen actress and pop artist following in the footsteps of some of the greats that came before her like Hillary Duff and Miley Cyrus. Aside from her many credits Selena sits tight as one of our favorite fashion icons. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and recount some of Selena’s red carpet hits as we teach you how to recreate the look using some of Jovani’s hottest elegant dresses.

jovani 78219

Romantic in red at the In Style and Warner Bros party, how could the Biebs let this one get away? This strapless long prom dress features a stunning sweetheart neckline with ruched bodice and empire waist with a flowing chiffon skirt.

Jovani 98471

Radiate classic beauty with a touch of modern flair like Selena did at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. This sleeveless floor length couture dress sparkles from head to toe featuring intricate beaded adornments and a sheer mesh skirt. The sweetheart neckline extends upward with translucent fabric embellished with leaf-like appliqués.

Jovani 2723

Soar high like a phoenix like this starlet did at the Epsys. Get the look with this sexy red lace cocktail dress featuring a bell sleeve and v-neckline. The trendy lace features sheer panels along the bodice and sleeves for a contemporary chic silhouette.

jovani 89897

Va va voom! This gold little number is all about the impeccable fit. This fit and flare sleeveless designer prom dress features a sexy plunging neckline and lace embellishments with nude underlay. The black piping adds dimension to this remarkable gown similarly to the nude panels on Selena’s dress.

jovani 78532

Every woman needs a fantastic little black dress in her closet, we have a feeling Selena has several of them but this one is a showstopper! This long sleeve black short dress features a scoop neckline and sheer sleeves embellished with gold lace beaded  embroidery.

Selena’s fashion-forward styles are #1 to us. Hit the top of your friends’ best dressed list when you appear at your next big event in one of these fabulous one-of-a-kind gorgeous dresses. You will be the talk of the town as no one will be able to take their eyes off of you. Who knows? You may even have an audience of paparazzi snapping away pictures of your red carpet ready look.

Here Comes the Mother of the Bride All Dressed to the Nines

Have a daughter getting married this summer? Most couples decide to have a summer wedding without necessarily having a destination wedding. Summer is popular for numerous reasons, the warm sun provides extra Vitamin D making everyone just a bit more pleasant, catering halls are more likely to be free from commitments due to school related activities such as banquets, proms, homecomings etc. and friends and family have more available time to help with wedding details. Whatever the reason, your daughter is about to embark on a major journey in her lifetime and she needs mom to play a special role.

Being the mother of the bride is no easy task. Before the bride makes her grand entrance and after the ceremony is complete all eyes will turn to you for congratulatory remarks and praise. You have been so busy planning your daughter’s big day that you have forgotten to choose something to wear! A mother of the bride needs to look conservative while remaining chic and fashion-forward. After all, your daughter is a reflection of you. As proud as you are of your baby girl, make sure she is proud of you. Jovani has come to the rescue by choosing a variety of our most sophisticated special occasion dresses for you to wear for the big night.


Show off your stellar legs in this long sleeve form fitting blush cocktail dress featuring a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves adorned with crystal beaded embellishments paired beautifully with the overlapping ruched bodice.


One can never be too mature to sparkle just a smidge! This metallic floor length jersey silver form fitting exotic dress features an asymmetrical neckline with short sleeves and ruched bodice with a crystal beaded adornment at the midsection.


Peplum designs have been the growing trend over the last few months. Rock this style with this satin sleeveless floor length trumpet silhouette blue dress featuring embellished dramatic shoulders with beaded accents.


This gown is meant for a mom who is the life of the party. This strapless long A-line classic dress features a sheer bodice with exposed piping details and shimmer lace appliqués. With a removable bolero jacket this dress is a statement piece.


Dare to wear this breathtaking black long mermaid style cap sleeve taffeta elegant dress featuring a beaded embellished bodice adorned with a satin belt and tulle flower clip.


Look radiant in this vibrant floor length cap sleeve chiffon purple dress featuring a deep v-neckline and beaded embellished bodice paired perfectly with a flowing empire waist skirt.

Now that we have made choosing an evening dress to wear for your daughter’s wedding less of a challenge and more of an experience you have loads of time to shower your daughter with attention. Pick out some gorgeous accessories and a hairstyle that will flatter you best and smile as the photographer snaps away.

Red Carpet Extravaganza

The stars were aligned for last weekend’s 2014 Billboard Music Awards! Between Michael Jackson’s hologram performance, numerous red carpet faux pas, Justin Timberlake’s countless awards, and Hollywood’s finest verbal slip ups, the media did not miss out on sensationalizing this event. However, we could not take our eyes off of these celebrities who hit the fashion mark in fabulous ensembles. This year we have seen starlets reinvent the wheel award show after award show, donning dresses that are fighting for the top spot on the best dressed list. Re-create these jaw dropping looks using Jovani short dresses and prom dresses and be the envy of all of your peers.

Jovani 9448

Shiny metallic has been on trend this season. Dazzle in this radiant long sleeve cocktail dress resembling this Cuban sensation’s magnificent choice. This dress features intricate crystal beaded and metallic sequin embellishments with a sheer underlay and sexy plunging open back. A classic closed toe platform pump like Shakira’s completes this look.

jovani 89462

Kesha certainly knows how to clean up. She showed off her stellar figure in a strapless mermaid gown. Get the look with this black  long prom dress featuring a sweetheart neckline and detailed gold lace embroidery completed with a chic up-do and classy cocktail ring.

jovani 77604

Pop in color like Cher Lloyd did in this fantastic fitted dress. This red dress features a lace overlay with cap sleeves and unique collared neckline. The sheer mesh above the bustline and cutout back adds a touch of sexiness to this sophisticated ensemble. Rock a clean up-do to allow the dress to speak for itself.


Jovani 78285

Nicki Minaj quickly rose to fame with her outrageous raps but even more outrageous attire and personality; however, this black dress exuded simplicity and femininity in all the right ways. Jovani’s sleeveless form fitting long jersey formal gown features sexy sheer panels and a thigh high slit. Complete the look with a couple of arm cuffs for a look that commands attention.

Celebrities search high and low for unique dresses that have not been done before to stand out from the crowd causing them to go through great extents. These starlets have jumped through hoops and reached the finish line with great success. Share in their victory by wearing a dress that resembles their greatest hits and be the talk of the town when you arrive at your next event in one of these gorgeous dresses.