Be One-Of-A-Kind in Jovani’s Exclusive Collection for edressme

For many girls across the world, wearing a Jovani dress to prom is a dream come true. Even with over 500 styles to choose from the one-of-a-kind collection, there’s always a fear that the dress you’ve chosen is being worn by another girl in your class. With this in mind, Jovani has partnered online with for an exclusive collection of Jovani designer dresses.

The line of 10 dresses brings a few of Jovani’s top sellers in exclusive colors as well as brand new never before seen designs only available online at edressme. “This collaboration is not only exciting for us here at Jovani, but is exciting for prom girls who want something even more exclusive than what we already offer,” said Jovani’s CEO Abraham Maslavi.

From stunning lace appliques to intricately beaded bodices, edressme’s exclusive collection an added ounce of glamour to the prom market.

Three of the ten styles are some of Jovani’s top sellers in exclusive colors only available through the collection. One of these styles is the two piece embellished jersey dress that features a keyhole design with a high slit skirt in a beautiful white and navy hues.


That leaves us with 7 brand new unique styles. These one of a kind dresses are literally jaw dropping. Like this illusion lace applique dress, nothing will stop the glamour from shinning through in a Jovani gown.


The best part of this new venture, is you can win one of these amazing dresses each month until the end of May! edressme will be giving one lucky winner a dress of their choice from their exclusive Jovani collection. To enter, click here:


Spring 2015 Trend Alert

The excitement and glamour of New York Fashion Week has drawn to a close but there is no time like the present to start planning your killer spring wardrobe. Designers gather under the tents in Lincoln Center to showcase their latest styles on the catwalk to a select audience. Celebrities and fashionistas alike duke it out for the perfect front row seat to the events of the year that will have them fancying for gorgeous new couture.

We have scoured the Internet for the top four spring trends that belong in your closet next year to ensure your name soars to the top of the best dressed list. Get these phenomenal looks using dresses from the ultimate modern dress collection, Maslavi!

1. Khaki Colored

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine


Neutrals are making a bold new comeback!

2. Waist Cincher

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

A cinched waist creates the gorgeous sought after hourglass figure

A cinched waist creates the gorgeous sought after hourglass figure

3. Floral Prints

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine


Nothing says spring is in the air like blooming flowers

4. All Black

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Sleek and chic in black from head to toe

Sleek and chic in black from head to toe

Do not be left out in the dark next spring. Get a step ahead of the game and be on trend with styles showcased by the biggest names in fashion. You do not have to walk the streets of New York City on a daily basis to rock the New York style. With a little bit of research and planning you will be well on your way to being the number one trendsetter.

Tribute to a Fashion Icon: Joan Rivers

The fashion industry lost a legend yesterday afternoon when comedian Joan Rivers passed away in New York City at eighty-one. Rivers was checked into Mount Sinai Hospital last Thursday from an outpatient surgery clinic after going into cardiac arrest. The reason for her death has yet to be announced by medical professionals.


Early in her career, Rivers paved the way for female stand-up comics. Traditionally, comedy was a profession exclusively dedicated to males but Rivers broke the mold with her quick-wit and raspy voice becoming an inspiration for modern-day comedians. Throughout the years’ Rivers evolved from a vivacious, self-deprecating performer to a crude celebrity assassin. Rivers took no prisoners, poking fun at everyone and anyone including herself.

In recent years, Joan was most famous for her celebrity fashion show, Fashion Police on E! where she criticized stars’ latest fashion choices alongside other Hollywood elites. A station executive released this statement:

“For decades Joan has made people laugh, shattered glass ceilings and revolutionized comedy. She was unapologetic and fiercely dedicated to entertaining all of us and has left an indelible mark on the people that worked with her and on her legions of fans. She’s been a much beloved member of the E! family for over 20 years and the world is less funny without her in it. Today our hearts are heavy knowing Joan will not be bounding through the doors.”

Primetime With Jovani: Watch us on a TV near you!

Lights! Camera! Action!
Jovani’s on your Favorite Primetime Shows

That’s right! Jovani is all over your TV screen! From America’s Got Talent to The Real Housewives, see some of your favorite styles on primetime. Check out some of our upcoming placements and some that have recently passed.

america's got talent

That’s Right!
Tune in to NBC’s America’s Got Talent Tonight (9 eastern) to see Supermodel Heidi Klum and Spice Girl Mel B try to one up each other in Jovani dresses! You may just see a phenomenal dress that’s already in a store near you!

The Real OG from Orange County is looking beyond hot in Jovani for the season's reunion special. You can watch part one of the reunion on demand, but part two airs Monday, September 2 on Bravo.

The Real OG from Orange County is looking beyond hot in Jovani for the season’s reunion special. You can watch part one of the reunion on demand, but part two airs Monday, September 2 on Bravo.

This hot new style is a definite hit for Holiday 2014!

This hot new style is a definite hit for Holiday 2014!



Can you imagine meeting your life partner at the alter?

A&E’s new network FYI has a show that puts two people together just like that! And their ads are in Jovani!

Married At First Sight features a gorgeous Jovani bridal gown, style JB90850, in their ad.

STAY TUNED: Jovani’s bridal collection will also be featured on the newest season of the daytime talk show, The Real. Stay tuned for details!


You know it's a big deal when Steve Harvey gets involved! Check out the recap of his ultimate prom giveaway here: This lucky senior got to wear a hot pink Jovani gown, style 77664.

You know it’s a big deal when Steve Harvey gets involved! Check out the recap of his ultimate prom giveaway here: This lucky senior got to wear a hot pink Jovani gown, style 77664.


When FYI TV was looking for something stylish for their new show BORN to Style's advertising, there was only one place they could go. Jovani of course! Check out style 491 pictured on the mannequin!

When FYI TV was looking for something stylish for their new show BORN to Style’s advertising, there was only one place they could go. Jovani of course! Check out style 491 pictured on the mannequin!


Beloved in our Hearts

aladdin-jovani-williamsJovani loves Hollywood legends and expresses nothing but gratitude for their exceptional work on and off the big screen. America is in mourning with the passing of comedian and actor, Robin Williams. Williams captured our hearts on Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Night at the Museum, and who can forget him as the voice of the genie in our favorite Disney film, Aladdin.

When asked to describe Williams, his friends state he was always fun-loving and witty, he could light up a room with a single joke but when he was not surrounded by a group of people Williams was shy and reserved like many comedians are. Williams encountered many personal struggles later in his career that led to his untimely downfall.

Robin-Williams-JovaniWilliams had a heart of gold; he made giving back to the community a priority by teaming up with fellow stars to start Comic Relief USA. This television benefit hosted annually on HBO has raised over $80 million since its inception for the homeless. Williams raised funds for several charities and natural disasters to aid those who could not aid themselves.

Leaving behind three wonderful children, Williams will be missed but his work and positive attitude will live on in all of our hearts forever. The fashion industry has been touched by this outstanding celebrity who dedicated himself to his career and his fans.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

The bright lights above the long runway at the World of Prom coterie shined upon its last show with the conclusion of this outstanding coterie yesterday evening. The week filled with glamour and excitement brought all of the latest styles and trends center stage. Retailers and fashion magazines went head over heels for Jovani’s newest prom, homecoming, and Maslavi collections. These collections feature some of our best pieces yet and will be sure to wow customers nationwide when they hit stores near you.


Jovani’s designer dresses are known for their exquisite designs and superior fabrics but above all for their ability to always be on the cutting edge of fashion. One fantastic trend that we love for prom 2015 is an elaborate back. It is one thing to have a jaw-dropping  formal gown from the front but when you turn around the statement you are making should be just as powerful. This sneak peek is courtesy of one of the fashion shows that took place last week. This fiery cap sleeve red dress features a transparent illusion back adorned with intricate crystal beaded embellishments.


It is not all glitz and glitter when Jovani puts on the event of the year. Behind the scenes, the staff is hard at work processing orders and interacting with buyers. All of the dresses showcased during the show are stored in a room backstage so retailers who are interested in specific styles can get a closer look at the detailing and fabric choices.


Jovani always goes above and beyond for their loyal customers. Who doesn’t love a good freebie? These Jovani iPhone cases were a hit among everyone who received one. Jovani’s gifts are not only practical but fashionably chic as well. We have loved reporting the latest news from coterie week to you, stay tuned for all of the thrilling adventures Jovani will take part in from new collections to celebrity styling, we do it all!

Fresh of the Press: Atlanta Mart

Today kicks off the first day of a week-long filled with festivities at the World of Prom Atlanta Mart presented by Atlanta Apparel. Jovani will be showcasing hundreds of dresses that have earned coveted spots in the 2015 prom and homecoming collections to potential buyers and fashion magazines traveling from around the country to meet in one place to be wowed with outstanding fashion shows and social events in private showrooms.


The designer dresses featured are cutting edge and on trend with some of this season’s hottest styles. These new dresses range in style from fitted floor length jersey dresses created with only the best lightweight knit fabric providing comfort and support with its figure flattering stretch bodice to two-piece lace ensembles featuring breathtaking open hole designs with exposed bare midriffs. These prom dresses are not only well crafted but glamorous enough for any of life’s special occasions.

Jovani takes it one step further by showcasing its ready-to-wear modern dress collection Maslavi. Maslavi exudes the elegance and appeal that is expected from Jovani but with sixty pieces that are versatile enough for daytime business events to classy evening affairs.


Jovani is beloved by countless celebrities like Orfeh Alimorad, Danielle Bradbery, and Miranda Lambert who have worn our beautiful evening dresses on the red carpet in the last few months. Atlanta Mart allows designers to bring these dresses to retailers near you, making your dream of looking like a Hollywood celebrity a reality. From a variety of collections, styles, and colors to choose from, the only difficulty you will encounter is choosing just one.

We are thrilled to bring you the latest news from our exhibit in this elite coterie. Stay tuned for a recap of our fabulous week as the excitement continues to unfold!

Pin to the Best

Pinterest allows fashion-lovers to create the most fantastic boards filled with gorgeous dresses and accessories. When preparing for a big event you can use this handy social networking site to get ready from head to toe. From beauty tips, to make-up tutorials, to hair style ideas, to breathtaking dresses, you can create a look that is uniquely yours before even leaving your seat. Jovani has taken some of the guess work out of styling our dresses by creating over fifty boards filled with not only short and long trendy dresses but also the ideal finishing touches for a look that is unforgettable. Recently we added our newest additions to Pinterest so that you can begin creating your picture perfect looks for homecoming, your best friend’s wedding, or any other upcoming special occasion. Get to pinning and look like the superstar you were born to be!

jovani 214018

The Intern Diaries: How to Dress For a Fashion Internship

Deciding what to wear in the morning is hard enough, but add in the factor of having to get dressed for an office that lives and breathes designer dresses… well, it feels like everything in your closet just isn’t right!

Having had my own fair share of days as an intern I have a few guidelines that will help to answer the age-old question of:



Okay, breathe.


First and foremost you want to be taken seriously and spoken to professionally wherever you work. While in the fashion field, we are fortunate to have creative boundaries regarding how we are permitted to dress, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have SOME boundaries. I’d rather not spew about why you shouldn’t dress for work as if you were going to a night club because i’m SURE if you snagged the internship, you know better than to show up looking as if you’re ready to bust a move, however I do understand and respect how difficult it can feel to find an outfit that is flattering AND professional.


Let’s talk about a few must haves:


1.) COMFORTABLE SHOES. It’s no surprise that it’s number one on this list. From one heel lovin’ girl to another, this is not always an easy compromise. I’ve learned ( the hard way) that you never know what kind of task they may throw at you as an intern, so coming prepared with a pair of shoes you know you could really work in is key.


2.) THE BLACK PENCIL SKIRT. It will save your life. This is your “I simply can’t deal with putting an ensemble together today” go-to staple. Paired with a colorful blouse and a pair of funky gladiators or chunky heels, and you will instantly look sharp! It’s simple yet modern, making it the perfect wardrobe necessity.


3.) A WATCH. Its doesn’t have to be uber fancy. Actually, the simpler the better. It’s a great everyday accessory that pulls any look together, while also helping you keep track of the time!


4.) THANK YOU NOTES. A little message can go a long way. especially when it is hand written. Keeping a stack of these handy will keep you ahead of the game.


And finally,


5.) A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Sometimes being an intern isn’t easy. All the tasks you’re given are new and often daunting, but it’s important to approach all of them with an eager desire to do your best, mess up, apologize profusely, and then do better! Just remember, a smile will add 10-times more glamour to your outfit than a frown.


Here are a few look I complied for all the interns out there to try out!

 How to Dress for A Fashion Internship How to Dress for A Jovani Internship What to wear at a designer dress company


Let me begin by saying it really is as good as it seems… IF you are an optimist.


JOVANI is one of the most exciting places to work. Each day, every department has new projects that must be completed. And for an eager eighteen-year-old, these projects are like shiny new toys begging to be tinkered with. My day is often hectic, and filled with multi-tasking minutes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My schedule normally goes a little something like this:

courtesy of

courtesy of

7:30 am: I wake up early to fit in some kind of exercise before I start my day. Most mornings I run, but there is the occasional yoga or pilates class. Doing something active in the mornings helps me to feel a sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day. Sounds silly, but when you live in a city like New York, feeling like you accomplished something (like running a few miles) before your first cup of coffee puts you ahead of the game.

9:00 am: I am back to my apartment and showered. I’ll usually have a cup of coffee and put on some music while I put together an ensemble for the day. Normally, it consists of a summer dress, colorful, chunky jewelry and a low(ish) heels. Normally, I’m all about the height, but running around the city is 100x more comfortable in a three-inch wedge– A tip for all the interns out there: stylish heels that are comfortable DO exist. You just have to hunt for them!

9:30am: I’m out the door to catch the Subway. My commute is about 15 minutes (I have to be at JOVANI by 10am) but I always try to get there a little early. It’s the little things, like arriving early, that can make or break an intern.


9:50am: I walk into the office (smiling) and greet everyone with a good morning, (by this point the coffee has kicked in). I settle into my desk, check my e-mails and begin listening to the head designer, Julie DuRocher.

10:30am: By now I have shuffled a few gowns around, gave my opinion about some new samples and am ready to settle into our first fabric meeting of the day. Merchants come to display their fabrics and we chose the ones  that can be crafted into gowns that will best represent our brand and the current trends. (More about that in the fabrics blog report here.)

11:45am: The head designer heads off to a meeting with the sales department and some customers. While she is gone my task is to do trend research online. I search for anything “special” that will help to inspire her designs. The images I find are often from other fashion blogs and recaps of red carpet events, and it’s amazing how an embellishment or a shoe can suddenly turn into a designer dress!

1:00pm: Lunchtime! Yes… people in the fashion industry do eat. Can we move on now?

1:30pm: The head designer takes her assistant Taryn and I out and about the city to people watch for inspiration and take pictures along our way to help us remember the new motivations we have found.

4:30pm: We arrive back at the office and Julie begins sketching again. I often help her to visualize a dress by draping fabrics over a mannequin and maneuvering them in every which way for her to get a sense of what can be done with the particular material we are using.

Head designer, Julie DuRocher sketches with her gorgeous pup Coco

Head designer, Julie DuRocher sketches with her gorgeous pup Coco

5:00pm: The day for this tired intern is done! I often end up staying a bit later because I simply never want to leave the inspiring people I work with. However, when they finally do kick me out (kidding) I go home and write about all the adventures the day has brought me.


An internship is an opportunity to better discover yourself and your passions while being coached along by a team who believes in your potential. JOVANI has taught me a great deal about the industry and about myself, but today, all you get to read is a glimpse into what it’s like to clack down the halls of JOVANI and work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry.


So unit next time—here is to the girls (and boys) who are ever so curious to know what it’s like to work at a place with unlimited sequins and opportunity.


Stay BeYOUtiful!

Sydney, the intern ❤