Jovani Wedding: Featured Bride

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions of your life. We caught up with Sayeh, the daughter of International Persian singer Ebi, who recently tied the knot with her high school sweetheart, Pooya.

The couple had an elaborate outdoor wedding in Malibu, California. From the bride to the guests, all were wearing dazzling Jovani gowns. We sat down with this lucky bride as she gave us a glimpse into her special day.


KG: Before a bride can even walk down the aisle, the groom must take the lead and propose. How did your husband-to-be pop the big question?

SH: It was straight out of the Bachelorette! One Thursday night around sunset, asked to take me to a romantic dinner. We were driving and all of a sudden he exits the freeway and we are in this weird place. I asked “where are we going?” Moments later we end up at a private helicopter that would give us a tour of Los Angeles.

In the middle of the tour, the pilot says we are now over the Pacific Ocean, there is this beautiful place here that we can land for you to take some photos. I said sure, I kind of had a feeling something was up, but I really wanted to be in the moment and not assume anything.

The helicopter lands and the scenery was breathtaking, we had the ocean in front of us and the mountains behind us. He could not have picked a better night, there was a full moon on one side and the sun was setting on the other side, (I don’t think he had anything to do with that) it was very magical. All of a sudden we get out and I hear Pooya call my name, I turn around and he is on his knees with a big basket of flowers in the shape of a heart with the ring in the middle. The rest is history!

Sayeh wedding 5

KG: How did you choose the theme for your wedding?

SH: I am very romantic; I like pink and bling. We didn’t really go with a theme but rather with colors that we liked. Being that the venue itself was so beautiful and it was overlooking the ocean, we had lots of blues and greens, so we wanted something to pop and stand out amongst all of the blue so pink was a perfect match.

KG: It sounds like you added feminine touches to your wedding; did your husband have a lot of input?

SH: It was very feminine! He really allowed me to do what I wanted. We tried to add some masculine touches with mixed metallics like gold and silver to man it up a little but it was definitely more feminine.

Sayeh wedding

KG: Were there any cultural traditions that you upheld for your wedding?

SH: Absolutely, we are both Persian so we had a Persian ceremony, a Aghd. We did mix it up a little. Although we were both born in Iran and speak Farsi, we moved to the U.S. when we were very young and are more comfortable speaking English. We had a traditional Persian ceremony but we had our officiant speak in both English and Farsi. Even though our families are Muslim we did not want to have a religious ceremony, we wanted a more cultural Persian ceremony. Instead of reciting religious verses we chose Persian poetry.

Sayeh wedding 3

KG: Brides have a bad reputation for being bridezillas. Did you find yourself engaging in some of those crazy antics?

SH: Yes! I thought I was a total bridezilla. Everyone tells me I was a very cool bride but I definitely lost it a few times. It is a lot of pressure! I did not have a wedding planner. I figured I have been to a lot of weddings, how difficult can it be? You get some flowers, you get some food, you get some drinks and ta-da it’s a wedding. I did not realize how many details are involved in planning a wedding. By the time I did there was no turning back.

KG: Congratulations on planning your own wedding! Not many brides can say that.

SH: Thank you! I had a lot of help. My photographer was wonderful, the pictures turned out great. The people that did my décor were wonderful as well! Of course, Jovani was amazing. I went back and forth to Jovani a few times and everybody from  Julie to Irene, were absolutely incredible. I feel very lucky I had wonderful people supporting me and helping me out.

Sayeh wedding 4

KG: Since you mentioned Jovani, what was your inspiration for the design of your wedding dress?

SH: I wanted something different but very beautiful. I wanted to feel like a princess without going all out with a ball gown. I looked at a lot of different dresses in the Jovani showroom and pictures online. This is the first time I have had to pick a dress that was so significant in my life. I spoke to Julie a lot about what I was envisioning in my mind. It was a lot of discussions about how to make it elegant but over the top at the same time. I knew I wanted a mermaid silhouette because that matches my body type but as far as the rest of the dress, I was really at a lost with what to do. We mixed and matched a lot of different dresses to create my dress.

KG: Was your bridal gown everything you expected it to be?

SH: And more! When I received the dress it took my breath away. It was so beautiful the beading was so exquisite and the veil was to die for. Even the ruffles on the bottom, I was never really concerned but I thought to myself is it too much especially with the beading. The Jovani team did such an amazing job in creating my dream gown. I felt like a princess when I put it on. It really is a special dress. I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said this is the most beautiful amazing dress we have ever seen. I will not hold back, it is one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen and I am very proud to say it was my wedding gown.


KG: How did you hear about the Jovani brand?

SH: I always knew about Jovani. Jovani is a very big name in dresses but one of my dearest and closest friends is Nadia Ali, she has had a very long relationship with Jovani. She got married last October and I was a bridesmaid at her wedding and her dress was absolutely stunning. She told me Jovani had made her dress and I was blown away with how stunning it was. When I started planning my wedding Nadia was the one who set me up with an appointment at the Jovani showroom. I was very happy that Nadia made that call. I met the designer and all of the dresses blew me away. To be honest, I went to one other place before I went to Jovani and after my first meeting I knew I had to look no further. I felt so comforted and I knew everyone would take such great care of me. Other than shopping and being a girl, I don’t really know much about design or fashion. Julie really took her time looking through different swatches and ideas. She has an excellent eye!

Sayeh wedding 2

KG: What was most memorable about your day?

SH: Probably when my now husband saw me in my dress and completely ready. He literally gasped and had tears in his eyes. I didn’t expect that. I insisted he stop his tearing, I did not want to ruin my own makeup. There were truly so many amazing moments. My walk down the aisle was memorable as well. It was wonderful to see so many people come together for us; I could feel the love in that room. It was such an overwhelming feeling. It was all a dream come true from beginning to end.

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  1. Cynthia

     /  September 3, 2014

    I absolutely adore this beautiful bride ♡ not only is she gorgeous, she has a heart of gold.


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