Here Comes the Guide

You have said “I do”…so now what??? Believe it or not planning a wedding is not exactly as time consuming and hectic as many reality shows and romantic comedies make it appear to be. It is just as easy to plan a wedding of three hundred guests as it is for thirty. You simply need one key ingredient in the recipe that is your dream wedding to make everything as smooth as silk. And that one ingredient is organization.

Once you have a well laid out guide and/or timeline, your next step will be crystal clear.

Here are five steps to take immediately after you agree to let your Mr. make you a Mrs.

1- Book your venue – Unless you plan on getting married in your parents backyard or in a field, you will need to book a space to hold your nuptials. This is the time that you and your fiancé should sit down and decide on what tone you want to take and the proper venue that will make your vision come to life. Since some places will book up rather quickly due to popular wedding months, your venue is the immediate next step to take after that sparkle is put on your finger!

2- Create a Wedding email– In this age of technology, the days of three ring wedding binders with color coded dividers are over. Once you become engaged you need to realize that your info will be on the world wide web for all vendors to see. Whether its silly, cute or sentimental create an email address in which all your wedding details will be kept neat and tidy and not get mixed in with your amazon deals.

3- Say Yes to a Dress– You know the saying “The clothes make the man”? Well the wedding dress can speak volumes about the tone of the wedding day as well as the bride’s sense of style. Reality shows such as “Say Yes To The Dress” can paint a very stressful picture of the wedding gown shopping experience. At the end of the day, one thing is the most important factor in choosing the gown, and that is that the bride looks and feels beautiful. Bring no more that 3 people with you to a bridal consultation. Some brides actually choose to do the first round of try-ons alone, and then bring a family friend or someone close to them for the decision day. Keep in mind that while it is fine to ask opinions and trust their views on ruffles versus bling, but at the end of the day you will be wearing the gown and you do not want to regret that you chose something based on another person’s personal taste.


4- Play that funky music– Picking your music will not only set the mood for your reception but also be the deciding factor between mediocre and marvelous for your wedding guests. Whether having a string quartet or a massive choir, music is vital to bring life to your reception. Look at how many people you need to entertain and any special feature you would like to throw in. You might opt for a playlist to be plaid over an iPhone speaker, opera soloist, or even a saxophonist. Whatever you choose to entertain your guests with, be sure it appeals to not just the two of you as a couple but will also lift the mood and ensure for an unforgettable experience.

5- Oh Shoot!– You know that a picture says a thousand words, you want your wedding album to speak volumes. Posed portraits are becoming a thing of the past and being replaced with candid moments and unexpected happenings. From disposable cameras to professional portraits the style of photography you choose is up to the couple. Make sure the flair and personality of the photographer fits the personality and vision of you and your future hubby. This will ensure you will have a match made in heaven.

Of course there are other steps to take and check off your bridal “to-do” list but the above list are definitely some of the most talked about and stressed over. Wishing you and your fiancé the best of luck as you draw out the blueprint for the special day when two becomes one.


Consulted with Debra Klarmann a “Senior Bridal Stylist” at Wedding Atelier on NYC.

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