Little Moments=Big Memories

One of your best friends is getting married and you have been asked to be a bridesmaid! Now there are two things going through your head when you graciously say yes: 1.) I’m so excited for my friend and that she wants me to be a part of her special day, and 2.) I hope she doesn’t make me look like an Umpa Lumpa.

Kind of a bittersweet moment, right? But, have no fear! Jovani has the perfect designer dresses to make sure you and your fellow bridesmaids look amazing on your friend’s special day. Check out these great and fun tips that will make shopping for your  bridesmaid dress that much more chic and stylish!

600516_10103335550262410_249657579_n (2) JOVANI GIRLS

Going with a nude and cream theme, these Jovani bridesmaids opted for open-back designs that kept their look cohesive.

Unless your bridesmaids are identical quintuplets, not everyone will look flattering in the same evening dress. When choosing their dresses, you want them to enhance your look, not be a distraction. So a great tip would be to take into consideration their body types and colors that work well with everyone.

 Ruching is figure flattering and cinches the waste at just the right place.

Ruching is figure flattering and cinches the waste at just the right place.

Ruching is a universal pattern that creates a super-slimming silhouette for both short and long styles. Even if you don’t want to want to get a fully ruched dress, stick to a ruched bodice with a defined waistline. This will allow for a tea-length full skirts, which are a major trend this season.


For the bridesmaid who is more conscious of their upper arms, a sleeve can provide the needed modesty. But if not everyone wants to wear a sleeve, one-shoulder styles are a great compromise for bridesmaids. It allows for support for women with larger busts and gives everyone a mix of both strapless and not.


Make sure to stick to a silhouette that is not only figure flattering but allows your bridesmaids to bust a move on the dance floor at your reception. A-line styles are the most popular for not just wedding dresses but even for bridesmaid styles. It’s the most figure flattering of all dress styles.

No matter what bridesmaids styles are chosen for this special day, keep comfort and quality in mind. Choosing a Jovani dress will not only ensure an amazing dress that can be used for multiple special occassions, but gives you that glamorous style you have been longing for.

78219 (1)

Jovani style 78219 combines a figure flattering ruched bodice and flowy chiffon skirt, 2 great shapes for bridesmaids dresses. For arm-conscious maids, try a matching shawl!

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