The Intern Diaries: How to Dress For a Fashion Internship

Deciding what to wear in the morning is hard enough, but add in the factor of having to get dressed for an office that lives and breathes designer dresses… well, it feels like everything in your closet just isn’t right!

Having had my own fair share of days as an intern I have a few guidelines that will help to answer the age-old question of:



Okay, breathe.


First and foremost you want to be taken seriously and spoken to professionally wherever you work. While in the fashion field, we are fortunate to have creative boundaries regarding how we are permitted to dress, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have SOME boundaries. I’d rather not spew about why you shouldn’t dress for work as if you were going to a night club because i’m SURE if you snagged the internship, you know better than to show up looking as if you’re ready to bust a move, however I do understand and respect how difficult it can feel to find an outfit that is flattering AND professional.


Let’s talk about a few must haves:


1.) COMFORTABLE SHOES. It’s no surprise that it’s number one on this list. From one heel lovin’ girl to another, this is not always an easy compromise. I’ve learned ( the hard way) that you never know what kind of task they may throw at you as an intern, so coming prepared with a pair of shoes you know you could really work in is key.


2.) THE BLACK PENCIL SKIRT. It will save your life. This is your “I simply can’t deal with putting an ensemble together today” go-to staple. Paired with a colorful blouse and a pair of funky gladiators or chunky heels, and you will instantly look sharp! It’s simple yet modern, making it the perfect wardrobe necessity.


3.) A WATCH. Its doesn’t have to be uber fancy. Actually, the simpler the better. It’s a great everyday accessory that pulls any look together, while also helping you keep track of the time!


4.) THANK YOU NOTES. A little message can go a long way. especially when it is hand written. Keeping a stack of these handy will keep you ahead of the game.


And finally,


5.) A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Sometimes being an intern isn’t easy. All the tasks you’re given are new and often daunting, but it’s important to approach all of them with an eager desire to do your best, mess up, apologize profusely, and then do better! Just remember, a smile will add 10-times more glamour to your outfit than a frown.


Here are a few look I complied for all the interns out there to try out!

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