Making Prom My Own: Intern Stories

For me, the idea of attending the prom was initially a dreaded feat. It was an event that according to my somewhat traditional parents and date, I had to dream of attending. I won’t go all “rebel without a cause,” here because I’m far from one; I’m the epitome of a girly-girl, but the idea of having to be paraded around like some kind of poodle, so that everyone could have an unnecessary (but apparently very necessary) new album on Facebook, seemed like a mere waste of time.


My dreaded feelings resurfaced each day, and the more I anticipated having to find a dress, and put on shoes that pinched my feet, the more I just wanted to lie down and take a big ‘ol nap. It wasn’t until I returned to JOVANI‘s stunning showroom, where I interned the summer before, that I realized that I could make this prom night into something that was more me, and less of what society wanted the night to be about.


I got to wear a gorgeous Jovani fitted gown! My date's pretty cute too lol

I got to wear a gorgeous Jovani fitted gown! My date’s pretty cute too lol

The periwinkle and nude dress was just the beginning to a night that would mean more than just kissy-faced pictures and awkward “up-downs” from parents I didn’t know. The day of the prom I slipped into the dress and immediately knew that I had more of a purpose than to just look and feel beautiful.  For me, that night was about representing JOVANI, the company who believed in me, when I at sixteen I strutted into their sparkling showroom and explained to the head designer why she should hire me, even though I had absolutely no experience.


Each time someone complimented my one-of-a-kind designer dress, I proudly smiled and explained that it was picked for me, by the incredible team I have the privilege of working with. Whether it be because the prom attendees and observers were impressed, or relieved not to hear another mundane, “thank you so much,” they were delighted by my unique response.


IMG_1081I finally felt like I had made the night into something that would be memorable to me. I didn’t just have a beautiful dress, but a compelling story. To me, being able to tell that story was worth wearing the corsage, taking the poorly posed pictures, and accepting all the traditions that go along with prom. My lace halter dress made me feel absolutely beautiful, but my experiences and stories I could tell from working with such talented individuals meant so much more than the fabric ever could.





So to all the girls (or guys) out there that feel like prom just isn’t their “thing,” here’s my advice– find a way to own the night. Whether it be with killer confidence,  crazy dance moves, or a story you wish to tell on repeat, use the night to make yourself feel like your most authentic. I encourage you to redefine the standards of spray tans and badly curled hair with ambitions and promises that this night is not about just how everyone looks. It’s a showcase for the high school students of the world to prove what they can and will accomplish, while just happening to be dressed in their very best.

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