Pageant-Mania Is Upon Us

Every seasoned beauty queen knows that she needs a walk in closet just for her pageant wardrobe. Between competition clothing and appearance cocktail dresses  it becomes difficult to manage and keep track of what one actually needs. The biggest nightmare stems from the realization that you do not have an appropriate dress for that appearance tomorrow or worse for the pageant this weekend! With proper planning and some pre-shopping you can ensure that you will not be ripping your hair out last minute looking for the ideal short dress because you will simply be able to pop into your closet and pull out a dress from your personal boutique.

1. Reigning Royalty Dress

This is your time in the spotlight. You have been a fabulous titleholder and your reign is coming to an end. You can be as flashy and ornate as your heart’s content because all eyes will be on you. For most events besides the final crowning ceremony you can wear a gorgeous party dress to be comfortable but be sure to choose a color that pops (and you can never have enough crystal beading).

jovani 93076

2. Visiting Royalty Dress

Never step into someone else’s limelight when attending a pageant as visiting royalty. Your time will come for you to be the shining star; however, when attending a pageant you should celebrate the reigning titleholders and be respectful by wearing a classy short dress that is not over the top. You will be sitting for extended periods of time so choosing dresses without heavy beading and corseted bodices are a practical choice.

jovani 78174

3. Opening Number Dress

Dresses for opening numbers are tricky because they usually require a specific color scheme. The most popular colors are red, white, and pink. You can go in two directions when choosing the ideal dress, you can choose a simple dress like this red dress with lace embroidery detail that serves as the perfect palette to play up with bold accessories or you can choose a dress that already has a lot of beaded details that does not need additional accessories besides earrings. The great thing about these three colors is that they can be re-worn for holiday appearances such as parades and galas.


Fun and flirty short cocktail dresses provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. Unlike evening gowns, these dresses are easy to walk in, flattering, and comfortable. Pick several dresses that you love and think about how many times you can wear it to ensure you get the most bang for your buck while simultaneously looking fantastic!

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