TIPS BY RONIT: Master Your Smokey Eye Look

The smokey eye look is probably the most popular way to do your makeup.  It is a trend that can apply to any girl, no matter the skin tone or eye color.  Blue, brown, green or hazel eyes, there is a perfect pairing to enhance all eyes. This technique is supposed to add a sophisticated drama to your look.  Whether you are just going to dinner with your friends or going to a black tie event, if you choose the right shade, creating that smokey eye look can only differentiate you as a person.  It is also key to choose light base shades with rich dark colors.  

Eye Makeup Color Guide:

For hazel eyes: Brown and beige shadow with a black eyeliner

For blue eyes: Gray and white shadow with a navy eyeliner

For brown eyes: Navy and beige shadow with brown or black eyeliner

For green eyes: Green and gold shadow with dark brown eyeliner

The way you blend the colors is key to a perfect smokey eye effect. Easy steps to learning the smokey eye technique:

1. First, apply eye shadow primer or wet foundation, so your makeup not only lasts longer, but also stays vibrant.  Then choose an eye shadow, preferably a dark shade, and apply to eyelid up to the crease.  

2. Take a soft blending brush and blend the eye shadow up and out.  

3. Choose and apply a neutral color eye shadow near the brow.   

4.  Take a soft black pencil, and apply it to the bottom eyelid.    

5.  Blend the black pencil well, by using the neutral shade, and applying it outwards to create the smokey effect on the bottom lash line.  

6.  Last but not least, apply 2-3 coats of mascara, enhancing the smokey effect.  Voila!


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