Dressing for the Win: Choose the Right Gown for Your Body Shape

Come pageant season every contestant wants to feel like a queen in the gown she chooses to compete in. After all, it is a proven fact that if you love the gown you are wearing, your chances of doing better in the evening wear portion goes up dramatically. Because not all women are created equal, this article will give you a tasting of what silhouettes would work best with your body type.

Apple shape

If you have a fuller bust with a rounded stomach and slimmer hips then you are an apple shape. A gown like the one pictured below featuring beading down the front and back bodice of the gown will look best on you. The higher cut sweetheart neckline will give you the coverage you desire while the black velvet sides will cinch in your waist. The thigh high slit keeps this gown from looking too demure and will show off your fantastic legs.

Jovani Pageant Style 157883

Jovani Pageant Style 157883

Pear shape

If you have a smaller bustline and waist with fuller hips then you are a pear shape. You would look best with a ball gown or A-line style which will accentuate your upper body and elongate your figure creating a balanced and proportionate body. Avoid gowns with ornate or two-toned skirts.


Jovani Couture Style 157856

Jovani Couture Style 157856

If you have a proportionately long torso and long legs with a sleeker figure then you can pull off a gown with a longer waistline. You can take risks by experimenting with gowns that have sleeves or dramatic feather skirts. A trumpet silhouette like Jovani 157856 would show off your long and slender body magnificently. The lace appliques are tactfully placed to give the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Jovani Prom Style 77505

Jovani Prom Style 77505


If you are below 5’3 then you are considered petite. A Jovani like the one pictured to the left will work wonders for your figure. This gown has a plunging neckline that elongates your neck. The higher waistline featuring the empire belt partnered with the sheer bottom will keep the gown from swallowing your petite frame and also give the illusion of a longer frame.


If you have few curves and a more sporty body then Jovani 74271 would be a perfect fit for you. A higher neckline combined with the open back will bring the focus up to your face and toned upper body.  Avoid gowns that are form fitting which will not help give you the womanly curves you desire and focus on choosing gowns with more eccentric patterns or details such as ruffles or pleats.

Jovani 74271

Jovani Pageant Style 74271


If you have a larger bust and wider hips with a small defined waist then you are an hourglass shape. As an hourglass, you can pull off most styles but mermaid, trumpet, and other form fitting gowns will really give you that wow factor and show off your beautiful shape. Take advantage and take a risk by experimenting with fabrics like a jersey knit.

Jovani Prom Style 1252

Jovani Prom Style 1252

Jovani Prom Style 74234

Jovani Prom Style 74234

Tips for all body types:

  • Make sure your gown is altered to fit you.
  • Make sure your gown sweeps the floor; it should not be too long or too short.
  • Make sure you choose a gown that makes you feel like a winner!

Here’s hoping you are a stand out at your next competition in your Jovani gown. Remember to always accentuate your best features and you can never go wrong when you are wearing a smile!

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