My Journey to a Picture Perfect Prom in Jovani!

Dateless, shoeless, and dressless with only a month until prom! I began to assume my Cinderella fantasies were nothing more than imaginary. I was in desperate need of my own fairy godmother so I went to the most trusted 21st Century version I could think of… Google. I typed in that four letter word that I hoped would be the greatest night of my life, and prayed that some kind of miracle would happen. Then the sign I had been looking for appeared.

It read:

jovanilogo-pink-flat            Need I say more? I was in designer dress heaven and that hopeless Cinderella moment I felt began to slowly slip away. Each dress was more elegant than the next! Intricate beading and crystal appliques that was nothing like the tacky glitter I had seen before appeared in front me; these were works of art. And then I saw it. After scrolling through 48 pages of gorgeousness, I found the ONE. It was nude with silver crystal embellishments and it’s safe to say, it was love at first sight. After purchasing it from one of Jovani’s authorized retailers, I waited anxiously each day for the package, and when it finally did arrive, I raced to try it on. With no disappointment, it fit like it was made for me, and I finally had that “princess” moment I had been waiting for!

As for the shoes and the date, they followed right behind the perfect dress! My crush asked me the next week using roses that spelled out prom, and although I tried to keep my cool, it wasn’t hard to see how ecstatic I was.

The day finally came and after a day of pampering to look just right, he pulled up in his pumpkin-turned carriage. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… he arrived in his truck. But hey, we are sticking with the Cinderella story here right? After taking a BAZILLLION pictures with other couples, we finally decided it was time to make our mark on what would surely be a night to remember. We danced our hearts out and I twirled all night in my stunning gown, just like Cinderella.

Prom was everything and more than what I hoped it would be. I had an adorable date (who loved my dress by the way), great shoes and had made memories that would last me a lifetime (corny, but true). Thanks to my fairy godmother (Google) who led me to Jovani, I was able to feel and look just like a princess for my prom.



“Jovani Design Intern”


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