How often should You Peel Your Skin?

Photo Courtesy Google

Photo Courtesy Google

Are peels a result of too much of a good thing? Pampering yourself at home with facial peels are convenient and a great way to save money on spa treatments. With the constant activities in our daily lives, your skin is exposed to various elements of our environment; the weather, sun exposure and pollution, can all be contributing factors, that cause skin to be oily, dull, and clogged.   

The market is saturated with peels for all skin types. Selecting a peel that is right for your skin can be a daunting task. We often hear horror stories about harsh chemicals that burn and peels that leaves the skin irritated.  It is normal to be cautious when performing at home procedure and choosing the peel that is best for you.  At home peels do not have to be an horrific experience. However, most peels are safe and beneficial when used properly. When selecting a product that is best for you, combine research and rely on consumer reviews for feedback is a great resource. Research will help determine which peel will not damage or harm your skin with harsh chemicals and leave you with healthy radiant vibrant looking skin, not damaged skin. It is also recommended to avoid using glycolic as much as possible, select a peel that is nutritive plus sunscreen.

How helpful or harmful are facial peels? Implementing a daily skin regime can help protect skin and help restore live cells. Too much of anything can be harmful, however studies suggest that it is recommended to do a skin peel once a week to unclog pores and diminish wrinkles, and fine lines.  Peels are intended to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, restoring your complexion and leaving your skin smooth, and radiant. Go ahead and pamper yourself with a facial peel, your skin is your best asset.

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