Look Your Best With Jovani: Tips from Ronit Sinai


When wearing Jovani it’s not just all about the fabulous designer dress you choose for your special night. You should think about your accessories, your makeup, your health and everything that comes in between. Jovani is giving you great tips with all of that with the help of Ronit Sinai, the cosmetic and beauty guru. From the perfect facial to clear skin, Ronit will help bring out your inner beauty through healthy alternatives that will not only make you feel good but will have you looking your best as well.

Ronit Sinai is not your average skin care professional. Living by the motto, “Beauty comes from within, and is a natural part of every woman,” Ronit has been making strides to not only provide the best in skin care health but also in working with the person as a whole.

Words from Ronit: The First Steps to Healthy Skin

Just as our tummy’s start to crave nutrients as we prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we take the added steps of adding vitamins and supplements to make our inner bodies health, the same care should be taken when it comes to our skin. From eating a turkey sandwich to relieve an aching tummy to brushing and flossing for a perfect smile, we’ve learned healthy ways to relieve our symptoms but, when it comes to our skin, makeup can be a way that we bypass our imperfections instead of getting to the root of the problem. We have a better way to give your skin that extra boost it craves!

Clean. Peel. Nourish. That’s what your skin needs to stay healthy. From day to night we need to focus on keeping our skin clean and nourishing it to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, many of us wait until there is a visible problem before we even think about nourishing our skin. From deep lines, discoloration and acne, all of our most common facial blemishes are preventable and fixable with the right skin care regimen, but results will take time patience and continuous care.


Cleanse: The first step to clear skin is cleansing. Using a cleanser that suits your skin type is the most important rule of beauty. Just as you clean your car or house, you should make sure to cleanse your skin at least 2 times per day.

Once a month, a deep cleansing facial by a professional is recommended.

We’re excited to bring you her insight and beauty tips so stay tuned for more!

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