Jovani Couture Mesmerizes at Brooklyn Fashion Week{end}

Jovani Models and Designer Julie DuRocher

Camera lights flashing and models strutting their stuff down the runway- It’s Brooklyn Fashion Week{end}! The Friday night show featured 7 international designers for women’s wear. The designs ranged from casual and colorful daytime wear to muted beige tones with black fabric-covered eyes, but all were a reflection of how fashion has an impact across the globe. Fashion was alive and well in Brooklyn, but no one made the runway come alive more than Jovani fashions.

At the Friday night show, Jovani brought old Hollywood glamour to the runway with a 14-piece couture collection. Combining their signature classic silhouettes with elaborate beading, feathers and fringe, Jovani’s first showing at the Brooklyn event was an amazing sight to see.embellishments made it hard to look away from these stunning pieces. As they glided down the white runway with purple back-lighting, you could not help but feel a sense of regal and majesty blossoming before your eyes.

From the flow of emerald green chiffon to the glistening of cascading crystal beading, Jovani’s designs were more than just gowns; they were walking pieces of art. Throughout the collection gold and nude tones combined with blue, green, and purple moved and shimmered under the bright lights. The mesmerizing effect of metallic and crystal

Each piece had its own unique elements but the combination together was essential in showing texture and elegance. From the thigh high slits to the vivid shimmer caught by the effortless sway of fringe beading and green deconstructed tulle; this collection accentuated the body and the way it moves. It was subtle and sexy while still staying glamorous and classic.

Jovani’s final design to grace the runway featured an intricate combination of feathers, pallettes, and beading that cascaded to the floor. Featuring a blue green bodice with a plunging neckline that shifted seamlessly to a purple feathered mermaid silhouette, the finale look flowed effortlessly to the beat of the music and was a breathtaking image of beauty.

Jovani Couture Style 77600

From the ornate detail and the intricate use of embellishments, the New York-based fashion house’s one of a kind designs reflected the passions to amaze and celebrate beauty. Jovani’s show was enthralling and the intricate detail on classic silhouettes reminds fashion lovers that effortless and timeless glamour will always live on in the world of designer evening wear. Classic elegance and Hollywood charm are making their way back into the fashion scene, making Jovani’s signature style a must when achieving this luxurious trend. If this is a reflection of what is to come from Jovani this spring, get ready to take your evening look to the next level with old Hollywood glamour.

Check out Pictures from the Show!

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