Behind-the-Scenes: Evening Wear 2013 Photo Shoot!

If you love our current collection of evening dresses, then you’ll adore our NEW Evening wear 2013 collection, but before we present you with our upcoming look book, take a look at some exclusive behind-the-scene shots from our photo shoot!

Besides the fabulous racks of Jovani dresses, jewelry and make up, being on set with beautiful models, wearing elegant gowns and gorgeous dresses, was nothing, but pure glitz and glamour!

Accessories galore! With the amount of jewelry, handbags and shoes on set, we decided to mix it all up and style the collection with a combination of high and low end designers!

From cuffs to cocktail rings, we used pieces from designers ranging from Givenchy to H&M. For the shoes, we used Jimmy Choo, Zara, Christian Louboutin, Steve Madden and more!

Although we had an array of jaw dropping jewelry on display, for this shoot, our favorite pieces of jewelry were tear drop earrings, cocktail rings, and bangles. For the most part, we used silver accessories to compliment the crystal embellishments of our dresses which looked absolutely stunning! To compliment that, we paired many of the dresses and accessories with  “nude,” black, and metallic shoes from sling backs to strappy sandals!

Once the styling was set, it was on to the more glamorous part of the shoot!


Cute makeup bag right?!

With all of the fast paced, backstage chaos, our makeup artists “injected” some humor into the shoot!

Our team of makeup artists created a really classy look for our shoot. To compliment the dresses in the collection, we wanted the models to have a very soft and feminine look and we accomplished that with a few tricks from the pros!

We decided to go with a very neutral color palette for the face so we used a some (not so) “2-in-1” cosmetics. For example, we used concealer on the lips instead of using lipstick!

If you don’t have an in-house glam squad, don’t worry, you can achieve this look too! You know the concealer you use to hide those infamous under-eye circles? It doubles as a “nude” lip color! No color is more neutral than the one you already use on your face. Makes sense right?

For the eyes, we did a sultry winged cat-eye using bold black eyeliner to balance out our “eau naturale” look for the models. For you, we suggest that you use black liquid eyeliner and create a “wing,” by following the base of your lash line with the eyeliner and continue with an upward stroke right before you reach the end. This creates the “wing.” Finish it off with a few coats of black mascara on the lashes and you’re set!

To finish off this soft, dewy, natural look, lightly highlight your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) with bronzer. This gives you a glamorous glowing effect. Once you’ve finished your makeup, the end results will look as amazing as the models did for our shoot!

For the hair, we decided to do two classic looks. A lovely set of wavy locks and beautiful buns! Depending on the style of the dress (i.e. ruffles, draping, or high-low silhouettes) we went with the loose wavy curls, but for most of our strapless evening gowns with A-line silhouettes, we did a classy low bun with swept-to-the-side hair, and an updated chignon featuring a flirty braided back.

Get the Look!

Here’s how to pull off a cool alternative to your classic up-do! Starting from your left ear, part your hair straight across to your right ear. The front of your hair will be straight and put into the bun, and the back of your hair will be braided. Have a friend French braid the back of your hair up until the end of the part you made, and then secure the braid with a rubber band. This works best if your head is tilted downward. Once you lift your head, simply place the rest of your hair in a pony-tail, and then create a bun securing it with bobby pins.  Voila! You now have a braided chignon!

Want the classic look?
Then definitely go for the low bun! Make a side-part in your hair, sweep it back into a low ponytail leaving the front of your hair to be a little loose, then simply place it into bun! Simple and chic!

For the wavy locks, decide whether you want a sleek center part, or a sexy side part. After you’ve figured that out, simply wrap a few pieces of your hair around a curling iron, hold it for a few seconds, let go and you instantly have soft and loose curls! Continue this with each section of your hair until you have a full head of luxurious locks. To bring out your look, wear a set of dazzling drop earrings as a finishing touch!

Between all of the fancy tricks, beauty tips, and accessories, we strive to create toned down looks so that each and every amazing detail put into our dresses can shine and speak for themselves!

Here’s a look at some of the overall styling!

For this one shouldered black beaded gown, we paired it with a cocktail ring and teardrop earrings. Notice how we placed the cocktail ring on the hand without the sleeve. Doing that balances out the silhouette of the dress.

Incorporating diamond stud earrings and crystal cocktail rings with these looks really made the silver embellishments on these black dresses pop!

We decided to pair some of the long dresses with a cocktail ring only. Having a simple pop of “bling ” not only compliments the dress but also draws attention to that one piece of jewelry in your look. We think the silver accents and crystal embellishments in the gown are glamorous enough for both you and the dress!

For the long-sleeved short dress, we added a lovely pair of diamond stud earrings and a classic pair of black pumps to complete this sophisticated look.

Side Note:
These three lovely black numbers are amazing black tie dresses for the upcoming season!

Turquoise (aka cockatoo) is listed on the Spring 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Report, which means this evening dress is not only fabulous but it’s also on trend! We paired this dress with silver strappy sandals along with diamond studs and a single silver bracelet. With its sweetheart neckline, thigh high slit,  and combination of accessories, this look is pure luxe!

…And That’s A Wrap!

With the help of our wonderful staff, brilliant glam squad, and fabulous photographer, the shoot was a success and we can’t wait to share the 2013 evening wear collection with you!

Until then, take a look at our current Evening Wear collection of elegant dresses

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  1. Candace

     /  February 7, 2013

    Your models always look incredible, and their makeup is flawless; the best I’ve ever seen. What are the names of the artists they are masters at their craft!

    Thanks, candace


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