Jovani Studded Dresses!

We all aren’t into the lady like look of frilly dresses and because of this, Jovani makes sure that the taste and style of each and every girl is met! If you’re not into ruffles, lace, and dramatic draping, then look no further and check out these Sexy Studded Jovani Dresses!


Jovani  celebrity dresses are always on the red carpet of award shows and events! Celebrities like True Blood’s Janina Gavankar, Snooki of Jersey Shore, and Country singer, Miranda Lambert, have all worn studded Jovani dresses!

The beautiful Janina wore Jovani style 9420 to an OK! Magazine event, looking as stunning as ever! Miranda Lambert also wore Jovani style 9420; except she wore it to the 2011 ACA’s. Same dress, different look! Without coming off as “too hardcore,” Jovani created these full length studded dresses in a way that can be worn by any woman whether they are sultry or sophisticated and for any event.

Snooki decided to take the short route for her red carpet appearance and wore Jovani style 9419. This long-sleeved studded number is perfect to wear to an event or club and looked amazing on Snooki!


Jovani style 2561                                  Jovani styles 2963  & 6323                              Jovani style 6586

These short and cocktail dresses are all stylishly studded complimenting the silhouette of each dress!

Jovani style 2561 is embellished with studs of a unique shape which creates a great design. Jovani style 2963 is the sleeveless version of Jovani style 9419, and Jovani style 6323 is the short version of Jovani style 9420; perfect for this season! Jovani style 6586 is super chic and trendy. Unlike the other studded Jovani dresses, this dress style is only uniquely studded on the sides. With its ruching details and straps that tie in the back, this dress is wearable for girls of any age!


Jovani style 5317                                     Jovani style 5761                                       Jovani style 9095

Take a break from your classic little black dress and go for something a bit more bold and daring! Gorgeous gold studs on a beautiful black dress are what you need when trying to put together a “Rocker Chic” look. However, since these gorgeous dresses have amazing sheer panels, your “Rocker Chic” look is now sexier than ever!

Besides the cut and silhouettes of these fabulous Jovani dresses, what really make these looks so beautiful are the specific placements of studs on the dress!  The details of Jovani styles 5317, 57631, and 9095 are incomparable and one of a kind!

The sheer panels of Jovani style 5317 create a strapless look which is trendy and sophisticated. Jovani style 5761 has sheer panels that creates an hour-glass figure and has an amazing open-back, super sexy! Jovani style 9095 uses its sheer panel to create a bit of a tattoo effect which really complements the bandana-like paisley patterns on the dress. Not only is this halter dress intricately designed, it also has chains! We think that’s pretty major!

And if your into chains…


Jovani style 5820                                      Jovani style 83281                                         Jovani style 1254

Jovani style 5820 is everything you need for your “Rocker Chic” look and more! With the geometrical patterns of the studs and extended sleeve made of chains, when wearing this dress, your look will redefine the punk trend in a chic way!

Are you over the trend of studs? Or just want to try something new?

Well, chain dresses are an amazing alternative to the “Rocker Chic” look! Jovani style 83281 is a very sleek and simple dress, however, the hanging chains from the sleeve and exposed sides (from sleeve to hem) makes the dress super sexy! Jovani style 1254 is a beautiful silver dress with exaggerated sized chains and crystal embellishments! The radiance that exudes from this ravishing dress will leave you glowing!

For more sexy studded dresses, visit WWW.JOVANI.COM!

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