25 Fabulous Dresses Under $500!

Who said Jovani dresses weren’t affordable?

With all of the intricate beading and details put into each and every Jovani dress, there’s no wonder why you would want to get your hands on one, and you can, for under $500!


Jovani style 1626MSRP $198                              Jovani style 1631MSRP $170 

Whether you’re into trendy body conscious dresses or classic little black dresses, Jovani has it and for under $200 too!

Jovani styles 1626 and 1631 are great party dresses! The horizontal stripes in Jovani style 1626 and ruffled skirt of Jovani style 1631 will give you a curvaceous look when wearing these dresses! Since both of these looks are under $200, it gives you all the more reason to splurge on accessories!

Jovani style 1630MSRP  $198                                                        Jovani style 11175MSRP $198

For only $198, be the center of attention in Jovani style 1630. This gold sequined dress is just as gorgeous as our other sparkly pieces, which means no one will even know you saved a few hundred dollars! Jovani style 11175 is a really cute, simple, and classy red dress! This strapless number has beautiful crystal embellishments at the bust which adds a bit of glamour to this look!

Jovani style 773MSRP  $198            Jovani style 776MSRP  $198           Jovani style 1629MSRP $198

Sophisticated, classy, or flirty, which fashionista are you?!

For the sophisticated fashionista, Jovani style 773 is the one for you! With its sweetheart neckline and colorful crystal embellished brooch at the waist, it’s only right to wear this lovely dress to a special occasion. Be classy and sweet in Jovani style 776. This strapless white dress is super chic and easy! Dress it up with jewelry and you’re set! If you are a flirty fashionista and liked Jovani style 1630, then you’ll love Jovani 1629, and for only $198 you can buy both styles and have two gorgeous dresses  for under $500! Be sure to wear this dress to a party because we think the price and confetti like sequins of this dress calls for a celebration!


Jovani style 5937MSRP $280                                                Jovani style 1640 MSRP $270

Treat your girlfriends for a night out on the town because the affordable Jovani styles 5937 and 1640 are amazing short cocktail dresses! Besides the fabulous ruffles and ruching of these frilly dresses, these bright and bold colors are great for the season!

Jovani style 780 – MSRP $270             Jovani style 781 MSRP  $250           Jovani style 1627MSRP $290

Jovani styles 780 and 781 are also cool dresses for the season. With the ruffles and jewels of these ladylike dresses, simply pair these looks with crystal like accessories; doing this will pull together your look perfectly. For a sexier look, go for Jovani style 1627. With its multicolored stripes and flattering silhouette, you’ll be sure to look like a million bucks, all for under $300!


Jovani style 1945MSRP  $370            Jovani style 5406 MSRP $340         Jovani style 5426MSRP $350

Jovani style 1945 is in a league of its own! With its galaxy like effect and magnificent metallic beading you’ll be sure to look out of this world! Jovani styles 5406 and 5426 would be great for a daytime special occasion and being that these dresses cost under $400, splurge on a pair of fabulous shoes! These one shoulder dresses are not only super chic, they’re inexpensive and still have that fashion forward flare!


Jovani style 6636 – MSRP  $460             Jovani style 12006 – MSRP $450              Jovani style 6582 – MSRP $440

There aren’t any dresses as luxe as Jovani styles 6636, 12006, and 6582 for under $500!

The classic silhouette of Jovani style 6626 makes this hand beaded dress of mirrored sequins very wearable! The sleek Jovani style 12006 is also very wearable! The sheer neckline of this dress creates a sophisticated and timeless look to this trendy and futuristic-like dress. Add excitement to this look and pair this dress with a pair of bright colored shoes such as neon yellow or electric blue! The optical illusions of Jovani style 6582 are major! The sheer panels create dramatic cut outs at the waist and a sexy high slit! Where else could you find a crystal embellished dress (for under $500) as such?

With all of the luxurious beading and embellishments, it’s only right that you wear these Jovani dress for a fabulous affair!

Jovani style 5320 – MSRP $400       Jovani style 5822 – MSRP $460            Jovani style 2175 – MSRP $460

Bold colors and pale hues of pink and blues are a major trend this season and for under $500 you can get the look with these Jovani dresses!

Jovani style 5320 is easy and chic! Pair this pale blue one-sleeved dress with a set of sparkly bangles for a cute and classy look! Jovani style 5822 has a pretty combination of colors that complement each other really well. The great thing about this is that the blue, pink, and orange in this dress also compliment almost every skin tone, which means this strapless dress will look great on anyone! We think that’s a great reason to invest ($460) into a dress! Jovani style 2175 is a very relaxed style and reasonably priced dress. The sheer overlay and chiffon fabric of the pink one-shouldered dress creates a very regal look, reminiscent of an exquisite roman piece. Perfect for a lovely occasion and is wearable for both day and night. Wear this dress during the day and let the crystal embellishments shine bright from the sun, or wear it at night and shimmer under the moon!

Any dress that is easy to wear, compliments your skin tone, and is wearable for either day or night is worth every penny!

Jovani style 3591 – MSRP $460 Jovani style 3811 – MSRP $460
Jovani style 4011 – MSRP $480  Jovani style 2134 – MSRP $440

Calling all homecoming queens!

Enjoy your summer now because September will here before you know it, which means, time to go shopping for  homecoming dresses! Jovani has a wide range of these dresses, in a variety of colors for each and every girl! Jovani style 3591 is very chic and reserved. With its hint of black beading and sheer short sleeve overlay, you’ll look cute and classy! Jovani styles 3811 and 4011 are great if you’re into a whimsical look! Going for the title of homecoming queen? Go for Jovani style 2134! With its cut outs, full tulle skirt, and sweetheart neckline, you’ll be the talk of your class from exuding so much sass!

For more dresses visit WWW.JOVANI.COM!
Also, have a look at our Where to Buy page to find a retailer in your area!

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