The Pistol Annies at the Hunger Games movie premier
in Hollywood (Left to Right)
Miranda Lambert, Angeleena Presley (
style 7760)
style 3987)

With the variety of styles this trend comes in, fashionable women of all different shapes and sizes own one!

Add new styles of the little black dresses into your closet this season because these party dresses are perfect for lovely Spring/Summer special occasions!

In spring, it’s understandable that you would prefer to stay away from black; however, you can pair your LBD with a bunch of the latest spring color trends! Color block with accessories, incorporate metallic into your outfit, or go with a classic look and follow the black & white trend! Wearing a white purse, shoes or a cute white floppy hat will really make your LBD season appropriate!

From sexy styles, lace styles, and beaded styles, Jovani has a very wide range of little black dresses! Take a look at a few Jovani LBD styles you can incorporate into your wardrobe!


Style 17957                                  Style 5400                                   Style 4886

The sexy LBD is simply just that; sexy, little and black. These dresses are usually short and simple, great for cocktail parties and events alike. With little to no embellishments, these Jovani styles are all classic little black dresses… with a twist!

For a fun and flirty look, this strapless dress with an amazing feather skirt (Jovani style 17957) will sure do the trick! Pair this dress with nude colored pumps (to elongate your legs) along with long or hoop earrings! Doing this will increase the “flirty-ness” of your look!

There is nothing better than being able to wear your dress all day! Go from a stylish work day to sexy date night in this slit sleeved, open back dress, Jovani style 5400. For work, wear a blazer and a basic pump, and at the end of the day, leave your blazer in your office and enjoy your night out on the town!

For a halter dress like the one Miranda Lambert wore to the Hunger Games premiere, Jovani style 4886 is great option. This halter dress is backless and has a crystal embellished neckline which gives this classic look a sexier edge.

The best thing about these dresses is that they are all very wearable for both daytime and night time. The simple details of each of dress style really makes these dresses must have pieces for the season and definite essentials for your wardrobe.


Style 3987                                      Style 171289                                          Style 71515

Lace dresses are always a perfect alternative to the “classic” LBD. With the variety of lace prints and dress styles, these Jovani dresses are great if you’d like to pull off a more refined look. Although these dresses are very different in style, these sophisticated looks can all be worn for the same occasion and styled the same exact way. Choosing one of these dress styles all depends on your personal preference.

Are you more reserved? If so, Jovani style 71515 is perfect for you! This long sleeved lace dress is very conservative, so when it comes to pairing it with accessories, shoes are what you want to look after. Metallic shoes in silver, gold, or bronze will work great.

If you are a little more daring, you can wear Jovani style 3987 like Ashley Monroe of the Pistol Annie’s. She incorporated metallic into her look with a bronze clutch. You can either accessorize with shoes or a handbag, but any way you want to throw metallic into your look would work! To brighten things up, try pairing this dress with a bright colored shoe. Electric blue, neon yellow or hot pink would really balance out the sophisticated look of the black lace.
If you aren’t into to the all over lace look, you may prefer a LBD with a lace inset, such as style Jovani 171298. It is not to daring and not too reserved. This sleeveless dress is young and flirty; however, sticking with the spring metallics trend will really work best. Wear a stack of cool bangles with long earrings to really pull together your look!

Due to its classic style, these lace LBD’s are more appropriate for the evening. Wear these dresses to a cocktail party, pair it with a beautiful cocktail ring and you’re set!


         Style 9448                               Style 14338                             Style 171300                            

Beaded little black dresses are very popular this year! When wearing these dresses, it’s best to let the dress speak for itself and incorporate neutral colored hues. With the beading and sexy sheer cut outs, a simple nude or black pump is all that’s needed.

For a more subtle approach to the beaded black dress, try 9448 because it has a minimum amount of sheer panels in all of the right places. If you like the idea of showing a little more skin, Jovani style 171300 is perfect! It has strategically placed beading which allows you to stay covered up enough while still remaining sexy.

If you are daring like Paris Hilton and not afraid to bare all, Jovani style 14338 is the one for you! With its spaghetti straps, plunging neckline, open back, and great deal of sheer panels, this dress is a definite showstopper.

The beautiful color combination of black and flesh colored hues are perfect for a spring night time look! Stand out in a crowd of flashy fashionistas when going to an event in these sexy beaded dresses!

Keep in mind; you can always add a little pop of color into your look without compromising the “nude and black” color combo by wearing a bright colored lip or nail polish! With these electrifying dresses, hot colored hues work well, or you can try a more toned down look and wear soft colored hues like a pretty pink pastel! Remember, whenever you feel as though that special pop of color is missing from somewhere in you look, immediately go for your lips and nails!

Whether you are a sexy, sophisticated or flashy fashionista, Jovani little black dresses are great for you! The beautiful thing about these classic dresses are that they are timeless. With a few styling techniques, you can wear these dresses all year. Spring is here, so now is the time to update your wardrobe with new and improved key pieces! For more of these LBD styles, check out our official website at!!
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  1. i actually dont own a LBD but if i could or did i would choose the amazing feather skirt style 17957 soo pretty , heres hoping the british weather is nice t us this year and lets us tan our legs to that beautiful golden colour t compliment these gorgeous dresses x

  2. Hello ,i´m Bárbara Moreno,from Spain,please contact me.


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