Spring is here! After all of the Spring cleaning and re-organizing of your closet, not only is it time not only is it time to update your wardrobe, it is time to update your look! You’re a fashionista so of course your closet is filled with this seasons wardrobe essentials. We’ve already presented you with some of the latest Spring trends, so now, take a look at 7 stunning MUST HAVE Spring dresses you can incorporate into your already sensational wardrobe!


The party dress is definitely essential in the wardrobe of every fashionista. From swanky rooftop parties to star studded parties at the club, going out in Spring always calls for a sleek and simple dress. This crystal embellished strapless dress (Jovani style 4012) is the epitome of fun! As you dance, the pretty crystal embellishments dance with you. Nude colors are in trend for this season, so if you’re going to wear it anywhere, where it to a party! Look the best out of all of your girlfriends during your night out on the town!


It can never be all work and no play, right?

This short sleeve dress is conservative enough for work, but playful enough for Spring. With the sophisticated style and appealing multi colored print, Jovani style 17257 is perfect! Simple knee length dresses works extremely well for the office! Along with a light grey or pale yellow blazer, pair this dress with a neutal colored pump or choose a shoes with color within the dress and your set for the day!


During the weekend when you’re going shopping, doing brunch with your girlfriends, or even just strolling through the park with a friend, you want to be comfortable, relaxed and still radiant! For Spring, this floral print maxi dress  (Jovani style 3099) is a must have and wardrobe essential. It can even double as a “Garden Party” dress! (See stunning dress number 7)


The sequins and plunging neckline of Jovani style 4274 is a sexy and sophisticated date night dress!! Oh and just so you know, wearing dark colors in Spring is completely fine! Accessorize with a light spring color  and your ensemble will be pulled together in the trendiest way ever! You never know what he may have planned for the night, so having a sexy “date dress” hanging in the closet is a must.


We all know that Spring and Summer consists of a ton of cool events. With the variety of Spring and Summer festivals and concerts, it’s ideal to dress comfortable! However, it’s Spring and the weather is too delightful for cut off shorts and t-shirts! Of course you dont want to lose your inner fashion goddess sense, so go “rock star chic” and wear Jovani style 30024. With this one sleeved, bright printed dress, you’ll be sure to blend in with the crowd without looking too dressed up. This dress also has a beaded chain detail on the shoulder, so pairing beaded bangles and long earrings will work well with this look! Have fun, look cute and be feirce and free.


From graduations to bridal parties, Spring is the most popular season for a variety of special occasions. During the day, this nude and metallic dress (Jovani style 9535) sparkles under the sun and at night, it shines with the stars! With the delicacy and femininity of this sheer and beaded dress, it can also double as “the date dress!” It’s easy, classy, and super chic. Along with a glass of champagne, pair this lovely dress with long silver earrings and a silver shoe! For a special occasion, elegance is key!


It’s Spring, so why not blend in with the scenery and wear pastel colors that are reminiscent of the season! The classic style of this floral printed dress (Jovani style 685) is great for a formal events like a garden party! When wearing this dress, much like May flowers, brought to you by April showers, the amount of compliments you will receive will be sure to bloom!



                      Be sure to visit http://www.jovani.com/ for more beautiful Spring dress styles!

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