Milan Fashion Week was nothing but pure opulence! With lace, ruffles, feathers and fur, designer labels such as Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli presented the world of fashion with luxury trimmings and decadent designs.

Among many of the major trends shown during Fall/Winter 2012 Milan Fashion Week, bright colored fur, velvet, ruffles, and sexy sheer black dress were the top looks on the runway!

                        Take a look at the most popular trends to look out for next season!

                         FALL/WINTER 2012 MILAN FASHION WEEK TRENDS

Blumarine                                      Fendi                                           Versus
Fur has always been one of the most luxurious piece of clothing to wear, whether it is real or faux, a vest, scarf, handbag, or coat. From minks to Mongolian lamb fur, Italian designers and fashion brands such as Emillio Pucci, Blumarine, Fendi and Versace have all incorporated fur pieces into their Fall Winter 2012 collection!

With bright neon colors such as electric blue, hot pink, orange, and yellow, Blumarine opened their collection with five bright and beautiful colored Mongolian lamb coats. With an all white ensemble, Anna Molinari, designer of Blumarine, paired these bright beauties with matching handbags and silver sneakers, completely dressing down the look , while keeping the colored jacket and handbag the main focus.

Inspired by life and layering, Fendi presented this trend with a multicolored fur coat towards the end of the collection. Reminiscent of nature and wild life, the fur pieces in this collection were paired and layered with earth toned hues such as hunter green, brown, beige, and tan, which ultimately created a very tribal look.

Versace’s secondary line, versus went with a monochromatic approach while presenting this trend of colored fur in their collection. Fuchsia was one of the many colors presented as a head to toe look in this hipster inspired collection, along with brown, blue, purple and yellow. Paring this fuchsia coat with a fuchsia dress is very bold and daring!

If you’re a bold and daring fashionista, try pulling off this monochromatic colored fur look like Versus. If you more of a sleek and chic kind of gal that appreciates a bold p.o.c. (pop of color) then go for the “matching set” look presented in Blumarine. If you’re more of a fun and funky risk taker who is into a tribal look, go with fur that’s layered with earth tones. Not into bright fur? Consider wearing an evening gown with darker colored fur incorporated in a dress!

After creating a line of bright colored fur shawls and cute cropped jackets, Jovani transitioned this trend into evening wear, adding more of a luxurious look into their already elegant dresses. This just goes to show how versatile colored fur can be when incorporated into an outfit.

If you aren’t into fur or if fur is just completely out of your reach, this trend will be perfect for you! There are so many fun, faux fur pieces you can use to incorporate this trend into your look. Next Fall, have fun, make a statement and be bold!


Dolce & Gabanna                                Moschino                                                     JOVANI

Ruffles have always been the most feminine type of detail in clothing. For Dolce & Gabanna and Moschino, ruffles were not only super feminine, they were reminiscent of traditions and celebrations! Inspired by their Italian culture, Dolce & Gabanna presented this trend of ruffles with lace frocks, and drop-waisted silhouettes. For Moschino, party dresses were the main look for their “celebratory” collection. For Jovani, traditional celebrations such as bat-mitvahs, sweet sixteens, and even weddings all call for beautiful ruffles!
When wearing ruffles all it takes is a few accessories for a more sophisticated look. When doing this, you give off a very opulent effect which is exactly what both Domenico and Steffano of Dolce & Gabanna was going for. Along with Dolce and Gabanna, Moschino and Jovani paired this trend with beautiful classic earrings. Dolce & Gabanna incorporated chandelier earrings and crystal embellished headbands, Moschino incorporated  earrings and headbands into their looks as well, except the headbands were huge bows and the earrings were hoop. This created a very young, fun and flirty look. For Jovani, pairing classic long earrings with a lace embellished ruffled dress, instantly created a more sophisticated approach to this look.

Whether you are going for a classy look of luxury, fun and flirty, or super sophisticated, this trend of ruffles are definitely in and would be a great addition to your Fall/Winter wardrobe!
Gucci                                             Genny                                Bottega Venetta
Jovani style 4220
Velvet has got to be one of the most luxurious fabrics you can wear. Presented in a variety of colors, velvets were seen in almost every Fall/Winter 2012 collection during Milan Fashion Week. With colors such as green, red, and brown, fashion labels such as Gucci, Genny and Bottega Venetta all had an array of beautiful velvet dresses in their collections. When wearing a velvet dress, one must keep in mind that pairing anything with your dress will automatically create a complete luxe look.

Gucci paired velvet dresses with absolutely nothing, allowing the dress shine on its own. With reds, purples and blues, Genny presented her velvet pieces with the same colored shoes and accessories, creating a monochromatic look. For Bottega Venetta, luxury evening dresses meant velvet. For an even more glamourous look, Jovani creates floor length velvet dresses with crystal embellished details. Velvet dresses with crystal embellishments like this beautiful Jovani dress, (style 4220) are perfect for black-tie events.

Don’t wait until the holidays to embrace this look, incorporate this trend into your look when going to your next event for a very special occasion! No matter what your style is, wearing a velvet dress will instantly convert your look into pure luxe.

Salvatore Ferragamo                         JOVANI                                        Emillio Pucci       

Sheer black dresses have completely dominated the runways in Milan thanks to Gucci, Ferragamo, and Pucci. Designed in a number of different ways, these trendy sheer black dresses are the modern take to the classic little black dress.

To soften up the collection of military looks, Salvatore Ferragamo presented a few sheer black dresses with gold printed appliqués which created a very regal, yet romantic look. For Jovani, creating sexy black beaded cocktail dresses is the way to go. Along with flesh tone hues, pale blue pieces and pretty prints, Peter Dundas of Emillio Pucci presented an array of beautiful sheer black dresses with sheer panels and high slits in his Fall/Winter 2012 collection. With this classic look, there are so many ways you can follow this trend by simply accessorizing and adding embellishments!

Next season, these luxury trends from the runway will be seen and worn the real way with fun colored faux fur, pretty ruffles, sexy velvets and sheer black dresses! To get a head start on a few of these looks, visit our official website at

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