Beige and Metallic 3/4 Length-Sleeved Dress. Jovani Style 7749
Flesh colored shades of cream, caramel and mocha, are the sexiest colors of clothing to go for this Spring! Not only does it create a bit of an optical illusion to the naked eye, it gives you an endless amount of options to play around with your look! Whether it be a nude colored dress, shoe, jacket, handbag, or even lipstick or nail polish, pairing anything with these neutral colors works effortlessly. Another similar color to this flesh toned hue would be a blush tone! Blush colored hues would be found in between the beige and pink color family. Depending on the undertone of your complexion, blush toned hues can also be considered as a nude color.

The popularity of these colors are slowly rising as spring slowly approaches us, giving you fashionistas every reason to follow this trend! Zac Posen used fabulous flesh toned colors in his Spring/Summer 2012 collection with an array of beautiful full length gowns. Most recently, this nude trend has been followed by celebs such as Heidi Klum, Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway. They all have been seen all over the red carpet of award shows, such as the Golden Globes. Besides the fact the beautiful weather of spring is right around the corner, another reason to begin to incorporate this popular color trend into your look should be Valentine’s Day! For most, the color of romance consists of a cliché color palette of reds and pinks, but to us, it’s nude!

Try something new and go for a natural refreshing color of blush tones and nude hues. From sheer-crystal embellished dresses, to beaded lace looks, Jovani has a beautiful range of cocktail dresses and evening dress that you can incorporate into your Spring wardrobe to follow this trend. Check it out!

Beige Beaded Dresses
(Left) Beige strapless dress with an array of beaded crystals on each side. Jovani Style 4012 
(Right) Beige strapless dress with lace-like beaded crystals Jovani Style 5640 
Sheer Crystal Embellished Dresses
 (Left) Long-sleeved mesh dress with fully embellished crystals. Jovani Style 7757
(Right) Sleeveless mesh dress with crytal embellishments. Jovani Style 9535


Bejeweled Blush-toned Dresses
(Left) Blush-toned strapless, ruffled dress with jeweled empire waistline. Jovani style 9708
(Right) Blush-toned strapless draped dress with asymmetrical crystal detail. Jovani Style 9426

From the lightest shade of cream, to the darkest shade of chocolate, we all have different complexions. The good thing is, following this “nude” trend works great for everyone! Shopping for flesh-toned fashions is like shopping for makeup, you either go for a color that is exactly one shade lighter or darker. This will provide you with an effortless look, allowing you to seamlessly pull off your outfit.

When it comes to shoes and/or a dress, following this rule very imperative! As we know, going with a nude color pump elongates your lovely legs. So when it comes to a dress, especially a body consious dress, wearing the perfect shade that specifically fits YOUR complexion, gives you the same effect, allowing you to appear slimmer!

Going for anything in the nude color family is so clean, so easy and super simple. The fun part is paring it with fun colors! Again, incorporating shoes, accessories, and makeup are a huge factor when coming up with a look! When wearing flesh tone colors, pairing bold primary colors, bright neons, or pale pastels would be the most fun, stylish, and interesting way wear this look to its absolute full potential! When wearing a blush toned color, simply incorporate black, white, or even a metallic, it will instantly give you a polished look!

Speaking of polished, dusting your home and changing your linens shouldn’t be the only spring cleaning you do next month. Spruce up your wardrobe with this new color trend and you’ll be sure to start off the new season with a clean and refreshing look! 

So if you’re that fashionista in search of a new spring trend, going with a nude or blush tone next season is a definite must! For more nude and blush tones Jovani designer dressesvisit and enter for your chance to win one!

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