Next season, spring instantly becomes alive with another major trend, color blocking! Color blocking has resurfaced from the iconic 60’s and has be seen in colorful designer collections for Spring/Summer 2012. Designers and fashion brands such as Oscar De La Renta, Peter Som, and Preen have presented this trend, leaving runways flooded with a mix of mild to vibrant hues!

There are a few key factors to take into consideration when putting together your look. First, choose colors that work best for you, then choose colors that complement each other and lastly, choose what pieces you’re going to color block! With a wide spread of colors, there are so many ways you can incorporate this color blocking trend into your look! One of the easiest ways to follow this trend would be to wear a color-blocked dress. Choosing a color blocked dress that works great with your personal style, gives you the confidence to pull of this look effortlessly!

Here are a few Jovani color-blocked dresses that will work for you!

Bold and Bright
Go bold with this bright and electrifying multicolored striped Jovani dress! (Jovani style 171907) This dress is young, fun, and flashy! Paring this dress with different color accessories (as seen on the model above) is a great way to fully embrace this trend!

Classic and Chic!
For a basic color-blocking look, this Black, White, and Pink embellished dress 
(Jovani style 171677) is an easy and classic way to wear this trend. Basic neutral colors like black and white allows you to add a pop of color and excitement to your look!

Simple and Subtle!
This coral, yellow, pink, and metallic beaded dress (Jovani style 71313) is a very sleek way to wear this color blocking trend! The dress is easy, simple, and incorporates three simple colors which works well with every skin tone. Along with the colors, the metallic beading of this dress naturally gives you a glowing effect adding even more color to you aura!

Dark and Daring
This multicolored short sleeved sequins cocktail party dress (Jovani style 171471) works great if you want to incorporate just a little color but still remain daring. This Jovani cocktail dress will be sure to turn heads with the daring length and gleaming colors!

Elegant and Easy!
This Jovani one shoulder sequins dress (Jovani style 9397) is your classic little black dress with a twist! With two shades of pink on one side and two shades of purple on the other, along with the touch of green, instantly adds fun to this look. This full length sequins gown is definitely the go to dress if you want to look elegant and follow this trend.

Monochromatically Color Blocking
You can follow this trend by wearing items that are tints and shades of the same color. You could build your whole outfit from shades of pink! If you are feeling more adventurous, you could mix colors that are in the same family. Pinks and reds or blues and greens work well too. Whether the hues are different shades of the same color, or colors in the same color family, this monochromatic look creates a powerful statement! You can even color block with denim going from the lightest shade to the darkest shade! If you prefer a sleek and chic way of dressing, then this would be perfect for you!

Color Blocking with Accessories
Jovani “Bailey” Shoe

Once you’ve got your main hues presented in your outfit, take color-blocking to the next level with accessories! If you’ve got a deep-hued top, skirt or dress, pair it with bright accessories and vice-versa. A bright yellow top looks great with dark blue bracelets, and a bright pink skirt pairs nicely with a deep purple shoe. This works well if you already have a colorful wardrobe and have the slightest idea how to put some of your pieces together. Look around in your closet and play with what you’ve got!

Color Blocking with Separates
When it comes to color-blocking with separates, the easiest way to pull off this look would be to pair a bright hue with a neutral hue. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, pair two bold colors. If you’ve already gotten the hang of it and you’re actually daring enough, wear a bright colored Jovani cocktail dress with a bright colored pair of tights and shoes! If you want to get retro, rev up the look with colorful accessories as we mentioned above. However, if you’re a beginner, try starting with a neutral top in either nude, black, or white and a bright colored bottom! Those neutral colors will work well with bright colors, allowing you to have fun with your look!

If you come to the point where you are unsure as to what colors to put together, take a look at a fashionistas best friend, the color wheel!

Colors opposite from each other, usually work the best when worn together. Red & green and yellow & blue are basic primary colors that works well! Whether it’s tied together within a dress, with a mixture of accessories, or  paired with separates, it works!

Take a look in your closet, and play dress up with a bunch of your colorful clothes. See what works, and see what doesn’t! When you figure it out, try incorporating this color blocking trend into your look.

Post photos onto our official Jovani Facebook page, we’d love to see!
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