Reinvent Yourself!

Purple Sequins Dress with Bow Detail and Chiffon Skirt. Jovani style 3454

When it comes to fashion, reinventing yourself is probably one of the best things you can do to update your style! A few accessories, and maybe a little make up can help, but going for a dress you can wear two ways will instantly give you a whole new look! These type of dresses are usually very popular in wedding dresses, however, Jovani has these convertible fashions in prom dresses and cocktail dresses too! 

These Jovani dresses start off as long beautiful evening dresses, but when the skirt is removed, it instantly turns into a very fun and fabulous short dress! So let’s say you have an event, you can make an entrance one way,  and enjoy the rest of your night in another! This would not only “wow” your guests, but it will give you a new look and a new attitude! 
Photographed wearing the dress already? Wear it another way and no one would even know! When going to an event or party, it’s more than likely that you will be photographed, and everyone knows, you couldn’t possibly be seen wearing the same dress again. For this reason, you will benefit entirely from purchasing one of these Jovani dresses, simply because you can wear it again! Even after you’ve made the photo of you in the dress your Facebook “profile pic!”

The thing about a Jovani convertible dress is, you’re able to switch up your style without having to purchase another dress, because you’re getting two dresses in one! This is very beneficial for the fashionably frugal! If you wore this dress to an event one way, by all means, show your inner fashion goddess and wear it again, in a complete different way. Switch up the accessories and there you go! Just by changing your shoes and accessories, that one of a kind Jovani dress, now has another opportunity to shine!

These dresses are perfect for proms and after party dresses, and ideal for birthdays. Switching up your look is more than saving money, being photographed a bunch of times, and making an entrance, its about having fun!

Here are some Jovani dresses that you can wear two ways!
With these bold prints, go from fun and flamboyant to 
cute and classy in this mixed print hi-low dress with removable skirt. Jovani Style 71917

 From sexy goddess, to fabulous and fierce in this sequin flame print dress with removable belt and tulle skirt!
Jovani Style 172207

 From dramatic diva to classically chic in this Black and Silver Cocktail Dress with Removable tulle skirt! 
Jovani Style b527

Visit for more style of convertible dresses!

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  1. this is great for a girl on a budget! jovani is awesome!

  2. My favorite style!! As I said before, My wedding dress will be somethig like this ❤


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