Pretty Little Prom Queen

     Based on the popular show, and series of novels, written by Sara Shepard, it is said to “never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret,” however, that may be a little difficult if you are as pretty as these little liars!

     From shoplifting to eating disorders, secret romances to private relationships, “closeted” girl crushes, to hooking up with your sister’s fiance, it’ll be refreshing to get a sense of the real “lady” behind the “liar.”

     Shay Mitchell, who portrays Emily Fields on the award winning ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars, is featured in the latest issue of Seventeen Prom Magazine! In this issue, Shay will be revealing secrets from her own prom experience, and sharing advice on fashion, beauty and dating!

Shay Mitchell in Jovani Green Leopard Print Style Dress (Style 3479)

Watch this behind the scenes video of Shay Mitchell in a bunch of fabulous prom dresses!

Shay Mitchell isn’t the only pretty little liar who has who has been seen in Jovani Fashions, cast mate, Lucy Hale has also been seen wearing Jovani in a previous fashion spread.
(Left) Shay Mitchell in Jovani Dress, (Right) Lucy Hale in Jovani Jacket

Be sure to tune in to ABC Family, Tuesday, January 2nd for more secrets and to finally witness “A” get revealed!

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