Style Trend: Necklace Dresses

Janell Snowden on the VH1 Divas Red Carpet 
in a Jovani Cocktail Dress (Style 9470)
A statement piece, such us a bold necklace have always been a favorite amongst fashionistas. Adding a bold necklace to your ensemble usually adds a distinctive style to your look!  No matter the event or occasion, finding the perfect type of jewelery is always a must! However, instead of buying a statement necklace, why not buy a dress with the necklace attached? These necklace dresses are fun, simple, and super easy. Take VH1 TV personality and host Janell Snowden for example, she paired this Jovani cocktail dress with a few bangles, a cocktail ring and a classic grey and black pump to pull off her look. Unless you have a stylist, figuring out what to wear is no longer a task when deciding to go with a necklace dress!

With these “necklace dresses;” hair, makeup, shoes, and handbags are no longer a major issue. Here are a few styles of Jovani prom dresses that provide you with a built in statement piece… the necklace!

         (Style 1752)                                           (Style 71737)                                          (Style 9198

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  1. She looks awesome I want this for my NYE dress!!


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