In regard to the event that took place last Thursday afternoon, I wanted to briefly discuss the heartbreaking and sudden death of Lee Alexander McQueen—the designer and founder for the Alexander McQueen brand. Since I’ve had some time to think about it and reflect over the weekend, I truly think that the world beyond the fashion industry will feel his loss. Not only did he influence the lives of so many aspiring designers and fellow fashion designers, he touched the world with his imaginative creations and passion. As an industry leader as well as an innovator, the Alexander McQueen and McQ labels stand as an artistic expression of himself and a form of devotion to his fashion followers.

McQueen’s daring designs were always one step ahead of the latest trends, as his timeless couture pieces have been celebrated by A-list celebrities on and off the red carpet. From his signature skull pattern to trendy feather details, chic separates and couture gowns, not mention his embellished accessories, his trend-setting conceptions will forever be remembered and adored. With an eye for what people want to his high-fashion philosophy, Alexander McQueen was an impeccable designer who tailored his designs to flawlessly fit the male and female body.

On behalf of Jovani, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to his friends, family and fans. He was and will always be remembered as a true fashion icon. Rest in peace as you will surely be missed.

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