JOVANI Just For You


From classic couture gowns,
to trendy cocktail dresses and
exotic prints, Jovani has been
a top designer among stylists
and fashion editors, as well
as retailers worldwide

Our exciting new fashion blog section allows you to keep up with weekly Jovani news and other style updates. As we have just recently launched our newest collections for 2010, we would love to have your feedback as well as answer any fashion-forward questions you may have!
Whether you’re a retailer or planning for your next prom, finding the perfect dress can be tough. So stop browsing through endless collections and take a look at Jovani’s weekly top picks! Here you will find the most stylish formal pieces, some of which have been worn by your favorite celebrities on the red carpet and to other high profile events.

With hot new fashion topics and photos, as well as a forum to post your thoughts and ideas, you can become an integral part of Jovani Fashions!

Check out our Twitter page and become a fan of Jovani Fashions on Facebook for a chance to win a free giveaway!

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  1. Simply stunning!


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